Soft writing to write an article to bring traffic to your article

website promotion is not website traffic, how to flow into the website quickly, writing is one of the most effective way, a good soft Wen often hits and reproduced rate is very high, he not only can give you a high flow, can effectively improve the weight of the site. How to write an article to get traffic this? This problem is really difficult to answer. But it is easy to understand is the soft itself is not what hate advanced things, just want a good editing and mining hot consciousness. Of course you want to write a article can get traffic, so when you write to some rules.

first, you make sure you write the purpose of soft and for user group is what

The most troublesome

a good title is half soft you success, a good title can be very good to attract users attention, give attention to the information users have come to see. (authenticity, here we have to mention the soft content when friends came to see if because the content is not true, when you get the title of the article will be very annoying, it seems now a lot of forum for the title of the party, sometimes really annoying. ) how to take a good title, this we can study those large site above the research, such as the losing of the article, so let you on weight-loss drugs reduce the number of pounds, when a true weight people see this article will certainly go in and see what. However, the weight loss products really have so magical effect range it is not we want to discuss the. So, what are the general title written? We can follow the following ways to get in time to take the title of an article. The headline news: with news of the format you want to express the information transfer. The title of suspense: set some suspense, with readers curiosity, guide readers to seek the title. The title question with a question: "

second, select a very lethal Title let a person see hate not immediately open

before you write text you must first clear you write the text you want to introduce to the user what kind of information, to clear your propaganda content is for what kind of group, the group is interested in your article. Only a clear goal, your soft Wen later write to the corresponding platform serving to get a lot of traffic for the site to reprint, introducing the Everfount. Like a few days ago I wrote an article about the Links exchange experience aspects of the article to promote Links platform, and then sent to the webmaster related on the forum, and widely reproduced, and now can bring good traffic to my site. But if you write an article about the beauty weight article is to promote the Links platform for you, it will be what kind of effect would not have me to say again. So if you want to through the soft Wen introduced traffic to the site, you must first clear clear you write the purpose of soft and for user group is what.

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