Shanghai dragon to love you very easily

analysis of the key words, next is the entry. In general we are required before the optimization of the original article, because the original spider love, but also the high quality of the original. If the entry you start a large number of false original, it will reduce the spider to your site attractive, since you want to visit your site that spiders often have to pay more than twice as hard.

is the next chain. Shanghai Longfeng, not to mention what the chain optimization. The chain of Shanghai dragon should also pay attention to the chain do not spam, but not like the black hat Shanghai dragon as the chain will as a quick way. Shanghai dragon people know, love Shanghai is open, fair and impartial in the black hat Shanghai dragon punishment. If your web site.

actually do Shanghai dragon, is a simple thing, people think it is too complicated, I often feel that sometimes complex is not what Shanghai is not what the mysterious dragon, Shanghai dragon, but. Every job requires passion and seriously, I think a job have these two things, what problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. Something magical, but in fact as long as you work hard, what problems are there will be an answer, no matter how the answer.

Since the Keywords

now I am speaking about my first contact with the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon just began to step into this industry, is holding more a question of confidence, what is in question is not a lack of confidence? Around Shanghai Longfeng classmates, but no one told me that Shanghai dragon is a simple living, including me the teacher told me, Shanghai dragon, is not an easy job. At that time, my heart is very questionable, but also a kind of self-confidence, I believe I can. So in practice when I decided to choose the Shanghai dragon, because you do not go to practice some things you never understand. Practice the truth, it’s always been my motto.

analysis is a must before the Shanghai dragon website optimization work, if a site does not need to optimize the keyword optimization plan that is in a complete mess behind. There is also a keyword analysis skills, keywords are not the more the better, not more popular and better. It is like a person to buy the same clothes, that is best suited to their own. Pay attention to the key words not too much, not too frequent replacement of a keyword, the website optimization is very unfavorable. The general keyword is five to seven.

Shanghai Longfeng, my life is just a word. In fact, not to say how much the chain must write many articles every day. But you have to put up a website optimization, but also emphasizes the technology. I was a student of science, but now people is the most contact network and electronic products, to write really have a certain degree of difficulty. But since insist on writing every day, I no longer exclusive write, write out the quality is also rising. In fact, Shanghai dragon, to love you very easily.

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