How to enhance the value of the accumulation of love Shanghai weight page

, a promotion page value is the webmaster must do, in the face of growing competition and the impact of the new site, and some do not contribute to the value of the old site will be gradually eliminated, any a site is composed of many pages, so we must make our page can have some the characteristics of sustainable development, in order to gain a foothold in the future. As to provide high quality services, scarce download resources, this page will be of high value.

three, the accumulation of weight by clicking on the principle. Click on the principle you should not unfamiliar, click on the general search engine by comparing the main keywords ranking top twenty site, and as an important basis for the next update ordering. To improve the weights of the site dedicated to us, is to give the home a very attractive description, users often go through description to determine whether meet the demand will be on. Describe the importance that we can click on the Shanghai very much in line with the principle of love.

page value and love Shanghai weight is relatively a win-win symbiosis, any site rankings are a different page weight transfer accumulated, we know the search engine ranking has more than 200 kinds of natural factors, we grasp how from so many factors to the key points, to do basic key breakthrough, and has potential so, web pages can be late in the accumulated weight, steady growth rate becomes very important.

two, its rich elements of the page, a page to have high evaluation, must have rich color elements, first of all, the page access speed must be fast, namely the stability requirements of space must pass, conditional word can be an important page with video commentary, pictures or examples, this can be very good the upgrade page value, while the best content planning, correlation, layout, reasonable application of H1H2, the size of the image is compressed, the number of links is not too much, so that through the above aspects, we can accumulate a stable weight.

!In this paper,


in improving the page value, we should follow the following points, make plans according to their own page. 1, timeliness, which contains keywords page with love Shanghai billboard or related search is very close, so the timeliness of this page will be very high, will be given high marks. The 2 page, scarce irreplaceable, uniqueness is very strong, in the same resources of other sites are hard to find, with stable user access and experience, the scarcity of a page is higher, the higher the value of the page, "scarcity" everyone knows the truth.


finally, six to remind everyone that the weight of the site or page accumulation is a long process, often anxious is not feasible, the user experience efforts will do a better job, continue to meet the various needs of users, so we will improve the weight is inevitable, the webmaster can last hope in 2012. The site more prosperous, more and more high income

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