Love Shanghai give low weight blog about how we should do

How can we do this:

for a blog, since want to do.

love Shanghai for the blog give very low which is a Crazyfatpig often read blog, the content is original and high quality. But his BR was only 1, his basic pr YAHOO chain corresponding to the corresponding level, also reflects the value of the website, but it seems to ignore these love Shanghai. In contrast to PR and BR, I found there are few blogs BR higher than PR, while some trash but there will be a relatively high weight of love Shanghai. At the same time, we can see his love Shanghai snapshot is very new, often to the site that the spider crawling up, then found no new content after the disappointment.

see a website of the weight, the more common view is now see the PR value, but because the PR value of the update cycle is now relatively chaotic, update cycle is long plus the nobility baby in the domestic market share has shrunk to about 10%, now many webmaster whether trading site or exchange links, are more important to a web site love Shanghai snapshots and BR (love Shanghai weight value). When people began to accept the value for the BR, I found a problem, love Shanghai BR value for the blog to give weight is very low, we can give some examples.

The weight of

recently in several studies on the weights of the blog content, as the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence now seems very correct, but only the noble baby, now we are talking about.


2, why there will be differences and noble love Shanghai baby? Do the friends of China for having heard it many times exchange links, but in foreign countries, we rarely see page links, link exchange is not much, so in foreign countries, the chain is a very useful website evaluation index. In China, whether it is black chain link, factories, trading links are very much in love, Shanghai does not recognize the link is user independent links or link conditions, also love Shanghai only by the method of reducing the chain to determine the importance of website weight.

according to the above information, we can probably make this analysis:

is shown in figure

1, BR and noble love Shanghai baby PR is two different types of website evaluation methods. A search engine for the study site weight will have hundreds of different indicators, I believe that the evaluation index will not love Shanghai and nobility baby is too large, is to facilitate the users to use for the purpose of the index, but each of the different indicators for evaluation of the weight proportion is a lot of difference. From the above data and analysis, we can see that the love of Shanghai pay more attention to the newer frequency of the website, and pay more attention to the noble baby web site outside of the chain (refer to the YAHOO chain query data).

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