How to judge whether the relevant external links

1, no links to topics, such as navigation station links, these links although there is no strong theme, but as a link to the hub, still very high transmission link weight.

how to judge the relevance of the link with the following features of the link? We are said to have correlation:

link chain is an important step and exchange links, how to determine whether there is any correlation between links, the origin of Shanghai Longfeng Jiaodapai that the link relevance judgment should jump out of the traditional industry thinking, but should be more widely adopted and practical index to judge, the chain to do so out of it more has the effect.

To determine the correlation

2, industry. Industry is also a strong links, such as the Shanghai dragon and the Shanghai dragon industry is related, if a blog (such as Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon training alliance or the big Shanghai dragon, consultant) give us the origin of Shanghai Longfeng forum a chain of words, by our industry is all about Shanghai Longfeng expansion, although the business is not the same, but because they are Shanghai dragon, still has a strong correlation between links.

4, audience. Such as webmaster nets give us a link to the origin of Shanghai Longfeng forum, although the theme of stationmaster net or industry does not belong to the Shanghai dragon, but there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng audience, or the audience has a great degree of coincidence, we released in stationmaster net link will be a lot of do see Shanghai dragon, so this is it links. But we see a lot of people released some medical, mechanical, education and so on the link in the webmaster forum, we think this is wrong, therefore does not have any correlation.

in addition to some strong links, there are many weak links to related links, also have a certain role:

3 area. Area is a good form of links, such as a forum in Beijing or Beijing life information network to Beijing a site construction company a link, because they are in Beijing, then publish information on the life information network of Beijing people of Beijing website construction also has a certain demand, so this link there is also the value and significance of the.

at the same time we suggest the webmaster do not related links, because not related links not only plays the effect of the chain chain, a large number of unrelated >

1 theme. Theme is a very strong link, such as a Beijing Shanghai dragon training institutions to Shanghai Shanghai dragon training institutions a link, as do Shanghai dragon training, its theme revolves around the Shanghai dragon training, so it has very strong correlation, so this type of link is the best link.

2 personal links. For example, some personal blog or personal space log, these are the records of life place, but these links are often the real user recommended links, the effect is very good.

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