How to share the website included rapid increases in the amount of

404 page is mainly in order to prevent dead link site, when a page does not exist, but also appear in the search engine index database, then the search engine spiders will crawl to the dead links, if a large number of dead links, then the day after the site included is very influential, even lead the search engines are no longer included or a small amount of website content, so the production of 404 pages is very necessary.

network has been spread, content is king, that there is a certain reason, want to get high quality of the article, must be original, but many people think that every day may not be original, but the original article is very easy to obtain, the article repeat two or three times, then write down their own language here, we must remember that the update was not included more useless.

: the quality firstThe The

recently felt many new Adsense site map is not clear in the end what is the use of Taobao, now almost most guest types of websites, few can find place site map site map, actually play a role is very large, it can provide guidance in various parts of the website links to search engine crawlers, effectively reduce the crawler the workload of this can be more effective to increase the number of search engines included articles.

is the content, but also do not forget the chain for the emperor, do the anchor link are connected in series to the content of the website, can play an effective role in guiding the search engine crawlers, the chain plays a role more and more, not only can increase the weight of the website, also can let a lot of long tail keywords ranking increases along with the weights of the website promotion.

fourth: tail construction

third: 404 page

second: site map

fifth: the chain chain

well above five can effectively pulled the site included, the website included the amount of improvement can promote the goal of keywords ranking, and can obtain more stable flow in this paper by w>


wants to get more traffic, then you cannot do without the construction of long tail keywords and long tail keywords, want to get the rankings, only high quality content, and through Shanghai Longfeng optimize weave article can effectively obtain good rankings, when a large number of long tail keywords are ranked, because love will not change or Shanghai algorithm keywords floating target for the website to worry about, because even if the target keyword ranking is lost, it will not lead to traffic disappear.

website to get more traffic, we must let the amount collected run up, many websites are updated every day, one day update dozens, even hundreds of updated articles, although insisted every day, but the update cannot be included in search engines, generally speaking the pursuit of quantity, it will affect the quality so, want to increase the website included quantity, we must pay close attention to the quality of.

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