The snapshot not update common causes and Solutions

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most beginners will through the chain in some low quality sites, such as in the forum, blog, forum signature etc.. This is something that looks can make you outside of the chain will increase, but the low quality of the chain reaches a certain amount of greatly reducing the weight of the website, the direct impact is the site is down right, no keyword ranking, even if the last snapshot not update. There is a website Links. If you are friends of the chain to K or drop right site, the impact on your site is great, will eventually lead to snapshot not update. So when your snapshot not update you have to check your chain. If there is a bad chain to timely remove.

this is a non technical reason not updated snapshot, but the influence of the snapshot not update is one of the very important factors. Your server problems, website loading speed slow or not, the site itself out rate is high, if this spider climb your site, then the negative effect to you is great. So I suggest you in the website snapshot not update, first you need to check your web logs, 404 other related code whether to check your web site log in code. If you find it, then it is surely the cause of the server, then no need to hurry, we only need to repair the web site, and then wait for a spider to climb it.


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search engine on the website of the value, value the quality of content, if the quality of your site’s content is poor or are reproduced so can also affect your snapshot. The search engine found your site’s content difference after the first decrease included your site, then may reduce weight will be on your site, you will be the last snapshot not update. In this case the webmaster should first put your mind, then the contents of the web content is adjusted to make use of original content. As long as we persist in a period of time, the search engine will increase your weight and you will restore the snapshot.

snapshot of a site and included, PR have the same importance. Snapshot analysis website frequently to a site when we analyze. I believe that many webmaster and I like your site snapshot not update problem, what is the common reason? And if there is such a situation how to solve these problems? In many new Adsense may be all at sea, I will not update according to several snapshots he encountered in engineering optimization the solution I and share with you. In short, we enter the theme of today.

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