Update the website content words dare to do 2000 words a

> cases of failure

pseudo original is not desirable, if there has been a good content, then, pseudo original writing, can write some good articles, basically able to meet the needs of users, but can not ignore the fatal problem: This is an opportunistic approach, if the industry do, will inhibit the excellent article writing moreover, easy to form a vicious spiral, monotonous, poor user experience, is not suitable when the Internet O2O development trend.

2. pseudo original tool

, a failure case of website content update

copy paste is an instant thing, it can bring some articles, and is like a chemical reaction that put an even more article on a "reactor", then to "one click writing", so it was really done, "a day 2000 articles" software of homeopathy and health, the results out of the article is cannot read, the spider seems to feel good, finally, the webmaster seems to ignore a problem, is behind the control of spider, result, station group content of the construction of many Webmaster Station, 100 thousand station, in a search engine upgrade disappeared the Not the least trace was found.

said the website original 300-500 word, as long as the intention to do, will generally be included, but a webmaster but a little, an original article 5 yuan, ten articles is 50 yuan, the investment of a month at least 1500 yuan, the profitability is not clear the web site, occupies no small proportion of the investment funds in the budget of the whole website. Because the content is not updated on many websites to see the effect of a short duration of time, because did not stick to it, eventually did not continue to update it.

only a short while ago, pseudo original became the mainstream trend of website content updates, even in Shanghai Longfeng optimization theory has a lot of methods on how to do false original, pseudo original is the core for others to write articles, and then replace the words, paragraphs rearrangement, compression words and so on, think there is online so much to rewrite the article? The result is some website article "pseudo original" is used by people has been changed to good "pseudo original" again the original, this article not only the user can not read, search engine is anger, the natural no results!

said the website contents updated words, provisions on some of the more popular tutorial words are generally 300-500 words, not less than 300 words. This rule does not know is formulated under what conditions, anyway, many websites on the content update is already this as criterion, then, this word is really in line with the thinking of the Internet demand? The effect is really good? If so, why not do 1000 words, or 2000 words this update?

is not better?

update 3.300-500 word content


1. pseudo original


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