Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to excavate the long tail keywords

for some of the more simple and more transparent to the industry, some long tail keywords is very easy to imagine, so we don’t need to rely on the tools and the drop-down box can directly determine whether the long tail keywords can bring us flow, competition is not very great, there is no possibility of ranking on the home page.


, a software tool for mining


three, love Shanghai drop-down box

many friends know there is a key tool in the thesaurus when using the webmaster tools, which can help you out of your long tail keywords, we can select some suitable for our long tail keywords to do, there are some software can also help us to mining the long tail keywords, as before, we use the word after the assistant. And now love Shanghai official out of a more user-friendly software to assist our "love Shanghai promotion client". Keywords mining friends must know this software. Very good

for a Shanghai dragon ER, the importance of mining long tail keywords is very large, because of the long tail keywords to bring us the flow may exceed the main keywords we, like my blog, my main keywords, there is no traffic, and the need to rely on the long tail keywords to bring flow, so I the key is to consider in the long tail keywords above, so how to mining the long tail keywords is a important problem. The following is my own experiences in mining long tail keywords, and share with everyone.

> six

determination of our industry, the analysis of the competition website is to be done, because you have no analysis of his website, you don’t know people how deep you want to go beyond others may be difficult. So when we analyze competitors also do not forget to long tail keywords rival mining may come, their long tail keywords is a good resource.

four, the competition website analysis

, five free imagination After the Q & a platform

users only problems will come to love Shanghai search for answers, then go to the Q & a platform for mining long tail keywords is a very good choice, such as "how to excavate the long tail keywords" this is a problem, and in the Q & a platform is a common problem, we can use the long tail keywords to edit a good article.

many people ignore this way, but this approach is very user-friendly, the reason why love Shanghai drop-down is for users to search more, love Shanghai will appear, search for "Shanghai dragon" drop-down box "what" is the Shanghai dragon, because too many users search Shanghai dragon is what. It will appear in the keywords "Shanghai dragon" drop-down box. You can prove that these long tail keywords needs of users is very large, but also love related search search page at the bottom of the Shanghai. There will be long tail keywords related.

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