Teach you to their website to do a simple analysis of the optimization scheme

write a website optimization plan may be very difficult for many novice webmaster, but we want to know why novice webmaster to analyze web site, what are the analysis of the website, the website to analysis from which direction began marching, only understand these ideas of website optimization scheme will be smooth. Www.***.cc so, why does the writer say it is simple to teach everyone to do optimization plan? Because the novice from the point of view, we can not be compared with master, but you can write a little of the website can be powerful and harmless to their website optimization plan. Gossip is, the author introduce several key to grasp.

the first point: the correlation of the domain name must look at whether the domain name contains keywords, as the site is QQ resource network, and the domain name is www.***.cc. The domain name contains the QQ keyword resources.


website optimization scheme in several directions of the author to write about in this, the first is the site of the summary, and then is the analysis of Web site, followed by the analysis of user experience, finally is the analysis of the construction of the chain. This point is I think the most important, the four key is I often choose the. This is the website of the direction can not say others, but I dare say to their site to do the effect is very good.


third: the age of the domain name, if your site is new sites can be skipped if your site for a long time, so the site age is very important, we all know that the site’s age is very long, and the higher the weight of PR. It is also very important.

now with the development of Internet, search engine optimization is becoming more and more popular with the attention of people, whether small companies, large enterprises or personal entertainment website will go to get the ranking, flow, source through the search engine optimization technology. So, when the line on the website or have website owners want their website to do these, but many novice webmaster webmaster are very disappointed, analysis optimization scheme website not, on the website of the development and prospects for the future without lead back their rankings in the competition website. However, many companies are spending money to find Optimization Website optimization scheme, so today I teach you to give your website to do a simple analysis of the optimization scheme, this is also the author of his own experience to write out, can not be said to help Shanghai dragon master, but can be said to help the novice webmaster.

: a summary analysis from the website

fourth: whether the record, the site record must do, just like people must be pregnant.

second: the domain name is easy to remember, a company name or personal website domain name is the most important domain name good remember, if your domain name is very simple and very easy to remember, so next time will visit. Just like the www.***.cc QQ resources to remember.

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