Taobao ban love Shanghai spiders of the Shanghai dragon means what

The means what?

today received a heavy message of love is Taobao spiders in Shanghai open some directory, then quickly open the Taobao robots protocol to see, indeed, Taobao to love Shanghai opened 7 directory, as shown below:

this is a bit muddled, 7 directory in three is not normal, it is Taobao intentional? Or programmers? That we can make nothing of it we are discussing today,

most of the 1. brands will choose in Tmall Taobao

ban love Shanghai spiders in Shanghai dragon

what it means? shop ?

5, /dianpu directory, empty a joy, but this is not the shop home page, the traditional Taiwan shop list page;

1, /article directory, are located in the site map of the list page;


we imagine, if love Shanghai search their own brand of words, most of the Taobao store in front of the occupation, but also not open their own company, how horrible it was. Of course, maybe we will say I do brand protection, I still don’t go to Tmall and Taobao shop, then you have not thought: the natural search results, especially the brand’s official website, will face a huge Taobao Shop Home > brings

we look at the Taobao Shanghai open directory to love what is


6, /wenzhang directory, Taobao is under the headline, most content are sharing information page;

Robots protocol, a search engine is an international agreement, on all site content capture generally, search engine must comply with this agreement, Taobao is once forbidden love Shanghai grab and included the content of the page, so everyone is unable through the search keywords and URL find the Taobao store and Taobao product page in love the sea, now part of the Taobao open love Shanghai spiders, this also means that the love of Shanghai can follow the OROBOTS protocol, to sort the Taobao content, then I live not too comfortable business website, the future will face what kind of challenge? To love Shanghai and Taobao

2, /oshtml directory, also located in the global purchase site map of the love shopping list page, open to the love of Shanghai

4, /Spu directory, unfortunately did not find the corresponding page;

3, /product directory, unfortunately, is the 403Fobidden page (Wrangler is suspected of operating errors, because there is no reason to open a 403 page, the search engine also wrote a Robots protocol);

7, /oversea directory, the directory.

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