Shanghai dragon ten years history to break the back of Shanghai Longfeng doomsday rumors

2002 is a special year for the Shanghai dragon Er, because this year the positioning of the domestic search engine market, noble baby, love Shanghai, three domestic Sogou search engine market. Shanghai Longfeng industry is also quietly sprout. The optimization of this stage for Shanghai dragon road is still in the imitation and learning, most people are through the translation of foreign words or analysis of the Shanghai dragon ranking good site to obtain information related to the Shanghai dragon, spy on the search engine algorithm, Wuhua eight door Shanghai Longfeng term began to greet our eyes, Shanghai dragon industry officially come out in the country.

development of an industry. There must be a period of disorder, the search engine is becoming more and more mature at the same time, according to the search engine vulnerabilities arising in Shanghai dragon black hat technique is also emerge in an endless stream, we can even see some advertisements displayed within 48 hours on the sea fell in love with the top three advertising, which makes a large group of hard struggle Shanghai dragon bitter force too much to handle, this kind of cheating has seriously affected Shanghai Longfeng trade order, which is bound to make the development of Shanghai dragon industry frustrated. The development of Shanghai dragon industry deviate from the right track, by the technology of the ascension of the site search engine friendliness, user friendliness, and slowly evolved into a taste of the pursuit of the so-called ranking. The search engine is a counter and let these.

The rapid development of

2012 is a special year, is the ancient Maya predicted the end of the century, of course I don’t believe. In Shanghai dragon industry many industry believes that 2012 is the end of Shanghai dragon er. Shanghai dragon back in the course of development in the country, we can find it also has experienced many groundless talk. As we look forward to welcome the Shanghai dragon can develop into a mature environment, the Shanghai dragon industry began to go downhill. This completely opened the last fig leaf of Shanghai dragon industry. Below the author by ten years of development of the domestic industry of Shanghai Longfeng, about whether the 2012 is Shanghai dragon industry.

2005 Shanghai Dragon

started 2002 domestic Shanghai Dragon Development


search engine tends to mature, but the Shanghai dragon market disorder

in 2005, Shanghai has decided to love the brand slogan "problem, love Shanghai". From this we can see that the search engine advertising language has been popular, love Shanghai was becoming the domestic search engine market big boss, Internet Co increasingly rely on search engines strong. With the rapid development of search also led to the rapid development of Shanghai dragon, at the same time, Ling Lang everywhere Shanghai dragon training institutions have emerged, jumbly advertisement information can be seen everywhere in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon site training. At this time, the vision of the people already smell in the future, Shanghai dragon industry will be one of the most popular Internet industry.

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