Shanghai Longfeng experience website optimization how to avoid duplicate content height

to duplicate content surely we all know, as the name suggests, is the content of the website, or is highly repetitive, also called "copy or repeat the content page. In Chinese due to the Internet environment, copying collection is very popular, especially in recent years a number of CMS have been developed, more and more owners to register a domain name, upload a CMS program began collecting station. This practice is not desirable, that is the large number of repeat users of content will produce disgust, search engine is based on the user experience, so that the same will not love.

some sites because of their own procedures, can be achieved using different URL to access the same page on this before I URL standard in the article mentioned, is very important for URL standardization, here is no longer mention, for the URL standard can be said to be all Shanghai Longfeng optimization must be done. He is not love duplicate content for search engines, the program will automatically determine which one is the original version, and then the other page ignored. But for search engines, one is the cost of broadband resources, the other is a waste of time. But for webmasters, more URL this will not only spread the weight lower ranking, also face the danger is punished by search engine. But you know, after all, just a spider program itself singled out as the standardization of the site is not necessarily what we want. To copy the contents page of punishment, Shanghai dragon industry has been controversial, the problem is not punishment and punished. Or that individuals will be punished, although Google has made it clear that in the webmaster official guide, duplicate content pages will not be punished, but please do not create a large number of duplicate content ", this is not conducive to the website ranking. Love Shanghai is also clear: if you made repeated "most of the content with the existing online content, your site will likely be abandoned by the love of Shanghai. And when these repeated URL was collected, when the search engine returns to the search will seriously affect the user experience when these duplicate content pages, because the search engine is based on the user experience as the core, it does not want a list of search results duplicate content, he would only list a, and for the other duplicate content page search engine will be down right or directly delete in the index.

see in the past few days "when site traffic speed second edition", found for duplicate content "there is also a case of product distributors and agents from the manufacturer’s website copy of commodity information, such as manufacturers and what not, because manufacturers will generally agree; but this create a problem is the emergence of a large number of duplicate content in different pages, this is to search engine is not love. These sites may be in order to make their products more familiar by customers, may provide some more suitable for the print version, if not for these URL good treatment, will cause the same copy the contents page of >

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