Pure URLs and solutions to the love of Shanghai does not match with the actual contents of the snaps

1, add a keyword in the title, although the search engine temporarily approved by our website, website title and description no keywords can let us into the website home page, "

when the check station JS of the site, if there is no problem, so we don’t need to worry too much about this problem, my site also appeared in such a situation, the code inspection found no problems, and no tube, the title and description when the website third days back, from we can see that this is the problem of the search engine itself, and the site itself is no relationship, just today I found that included a site has not, but its ranking is the first, from which we can see: the search engine has its own limitations, they often need more time to wait to solve the problem.

many sites when code editing and calling does not follow the normative principles, which led to part of the site in the development process of the JS call the part of the problem, the website title and description are not included in Shanghai love is an important performance, if there is such a situation, the first thing is to query the JS code to call the situation the site, most of the cases we can through the code changes let love Shanghai reincluding website title and description of our. It should be noted that if a website is just a JS problem, the content of the web site without any problems, so this website will also be important because love Shanghai, love Shanghai that content is king.

three, a high ranking website but no keywords, content effect

now when we search for certain keywords will find such a problem: the title of the website itself does not contain the keywords, but when we search the keywords of the website ranking is very high, the main reason for the situation is the content of the web site has some correlation, as I recently watched a Mianyang Shanghai dragon the word is that part of the site title and description of the home page are no words, just the content of the website page with these keywords, website ranking is very high, from which I could see the website page user experience is very high, the quality is very strong, in the face of this situation there are several the most simple solution.

recently in Shanghai by love search key when part of the pure. The phenomenon of the home page, and there are many of these sites are not open, but the website ranking but can not be ignored; there is a snapshot and content section of the site is not serious, the website ranking is also very good; what is the reason that love Shanghai search engine has a special liking for these sites.? the following detailed talk.


, a pure JS URLs, but the website content without any problems

, two pure URLs belonging to search their own problems, the webmaster can ignore

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