Hefei the relationship between mother and novice must know the PR value of the site weight

two, what is the weight of the site weight refers to the web site in the search engine in the evaluation of relative importance. The weight is a relative concept, he is the authority on the Internet site in the search engine judge. The weight of high site search engine will receive the attention and favor. What are the important relationship between the weight and the site, we can make an example: something done, you gave him 10 points, but the boss only played 6 minutes. If your boss is the same weight and the same discourse status, so the final weight average number is 8; in fact the boss’s discourse status is heavier than you, if the boss’s weight is 2 times the weight of that you, the boss is 2, your weight is 1, while the final weight becomes (10*1+6*2) / (1+2) =7.3. It can be seen that the weight can directly affect the search engine on the web scoring.

webmaster website like love for their children. There is a web site so that all owners worried the wind sways grass. In fact, every webmaster in website is to seriously, let more people understand the website, browse the web site. As we all know, the best place in the search engine promotion website. Therefore, we are trying to make their sites primacy in the search engine. Can often backfire. Every webmaster in search engine rankings, content update, snapshot and weight to deal with, but there are still many people on the website of the awareness of the existence of some misunderstanding and confusion. Hefei Shanghai dragon mother will be divided into a few period for everyone answering questions. In this paper, we talked about the relationship between PR value and the weights of the website as a story.

correct understanding of PR value and the weights of the website can be avoided in our optimization site >

, what is the value of PR PR value is essentially "rating on Google. Pr 0~10 has a total of eleven grades, the greater the value, the higher the degree of recognition of the web pages on behalf of Google. The value of Pr is Google to assess the importance of web pages, its impact on the Google search engine is more important than the other. We need to know is that the PR value is affected by many factors, such as, included the number of inbound links, outbound links, update the content etc.. However, many owners only value PR value, even mistakenly believe that the value of PR site weight high will be high, so in exchange links and link bait when released into the errors of blind worship of PR value. The weight of that website what and what factors? We have to figure out what is the weight.

The relationship between

three, the relationship between PR value and the weight of the first we should have a correct understanding: the value of PR is not equal to the weight. High Pr value is not equal to the weight of high. Why? Is very simple, the PR value is only Google to a web page rating, its full name is Page Rank; and the weight is the overall evaluation of website search engine. It can be said that the relationship between PR value and weight is the part and the whole relationship. It is not difficult to understand why some website PR value is still lower than the PR value is very low ranking site.

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