Can not say the secret secret Shanghai Dragon

3. websiteThe structure of

2. website positioning and industry analysis

site is actually quite important. Qifan software that good structure when the website development to a certain extent can pass these main columns and page weights to the inside pages of the website, so as to improve the site included. (some sites to the development of the structure to a certain degree development included the amount has been increased do not go up. Even a few, very likely is the site of a problem. The structure of the industry Web site) has 2 versions: one is a flat structure, also is the page are stored in the root directory. The advantages is the home page and are placed under the root directory, for >


1. site preparation before

Section structure of

site is different, so the column structure should be different, domestic website designers in the production site. There are some basic thinking of curing some columns can in fact be specifically set according to the customer’s industry. In this structure, the weight of the site can be transferred to the column. The column weight correlation can transfer to the home page of.


for a field of network promotion, website promotion is one of them. If we want to do website promotion should be chosen according to the size of the project investment of some cost. If the non website construction industry personnel, first of all can be entrusted to a professional website design company is required to develop their own website. Buy a related top level domain, find a stable and secure server or virtual host. (general entrusted network company will provide this service. For example, we start all software, the choice of the server or virtual host will see our cost and the requirements of the project size.) at the same time we have to understand that you expect in the future the development of a period of time will probably want to achieve what effect? So that when the pre production site cost is not the savings do not. Domestic web site space Also need to record, this record materials as prepared, improve.

has recently been thinking about a problem, what kind of website is a good website? What is the sustainable development strategy on the Internet? All walks of life, said the network popularization, each person is responsible for the work of different types, different emphases, their understanding of Shanghai dragon is different. Some people say that Shanghai dragon it is very simple. The Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, some people say that Shanghai dragon is very complex, Shanghai, put up a website from scratch, from simple to complex, from the conversion of traffic to. From rely on search engines to search engine strategies from precipitation. Network marketing keywords? Promotion? Marketing Marketing micro-blog? Word of mouth marketing?? everything seems very close to us, and as far away…… This question is worth thinking about, for a period of time that this promotion is correct, in a period of time, perhaps to think that way is also good, today we Zhengzhou Qifan software for you to decrypt not – Shanghai Longfeng said in secret:

time and work efficiency of the line on the website

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