Site of the long tail keywords how to do the chain rankings

index for the target site, the webmaster all know that the use of high quality Links station optimization and good optimization, continuous, can be improved, but in the face of a lot of long tail word, the website as the landing page, how to do the chain to get the long tail word ranking? The secret method of long tail word the chain according to the experience about my.

recommend that I often go to the Forum: the laggards, Shanghai dragon why, Adsense helper, network coding, PowerEasy community forum, science forum, webmaster encyclopedia, Chinaz forum, A5 forum, BMForum forum, the forum of stationmaster, PowerEasy cattle, every webmaster forum.

three, the soft inside with the long tail word anchor text:

for the 5 collection of the fastest, popular forums, each forum registered 2 accounts, the long tail word set in the signature, a careful analysis of post law forum, every day at different time access, back to the 5 posts, but to ensure that are on the first page, the best is good, or is on the altar level high membership issued, promptly posted the top, every day to ensure 50 replies. You would think forum signature search engine can not give much weight, but essential for the long tail word is the signature, the most important thing is to do to ensure high quality, must be included, the chain method is to be done.

Between Keywords

this is the best way, but not every webmaster have so many friends of the chain can be interchanged, unless there is a lot of resources, can do unidirectional links, the long tail word ranking is particularly effective, so this must act according to individual resources.

, a word to the long tail do Links:

for a business station, there are 30 long tail keywords, then it can be completed in three months, on average every 3 days to a long tail word soft, 1 months of 10, can also have time to do outside the chain of target keywords. As for what kind of soft, for the webmaster, a website optimization is the most professional, so before doing soft outside the chain, to do a preparation, collect the soft platform.

2 resources platform and connected to each other: that is my own soft platform, Post Bar, blog, micro-blog space, are connected to each other, good soft Wen.

1, the establishment of an independent blog scattered link platform account: that is to add Links platform.

before we do the long tail word chain, to make the long tail word thesaurus, usually also have accumulated. To look at the specific methods:

two, forum signature anchor text set:

drying out, I usually use the soft platform: Chinaz, Admin5, Shanghai dragon why column, DoNews writing community, a push, the laggards, a lot of teachers, blogs, IDC ring, Ai Rui, bokee, information network, blog, the first marketing value Chinese, middle road.

For example,

relates to the soft platform to introduce a method of platform:

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