Analysis of Web site keywords ranking unstable reason

many people know, the existence of the chain length determines the weights of the chain to the target site. In my personal experience, the weight of the chain level and the length of time relation can be used in a coordinate system, if the time as the horizontal axis, passes the weight as the longitudinal axis, then the weight and time is a parabolic map.

is one of the reasons: the number of the chain is not enough.

three: operation of the domain name is new, there is a short time chain.

Shanghai dragon is execution, like other things, or not do, since it should do, do, do, to rise above the common herd do perfect. The importance of the chain without much, if not doing enough, then the weights obtained from the site of the chain is not enough, ranking floating instability is inevitable. Only get the chain enough support to be able to Commission website weight, beyond the competitors. If you want to get a stable ranking, then your web site outside of the chain at least if competitors 2 times or even several times.

What do ?

through my observation on their own websites and friends website analysis, web site keywords ranking unstable there are 4 major reasons. The 4 reason is the key to optimize Shanghai sex, if you are optimizing a large and medium-sized industry website, so that attention to these 4 aspects you may take some detours.

if your site has a large number of the chain, may still not be enough to guarantee that you can sleep without any anxiety scorning the world. In the love of Shanghai search engine more and more intelligent today, if your site is bound to fall behind could not keep pace with the times. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er including the author himself had such a feeling: but a keyword to get a good ranking will be on site to relax vigilance, slowly you will find, in fact, ranking steadily, you will be bound to pay attention not before. Many previously well-known Shanghai Longfeng sites now ranking is the reason always suspended in midair. Since the owners do not pay attention to yourself, as the world’s most commercially available search engines, how could you love Shanghai to pay attention to

estimated that every day Shanghai Longfeng will search the word Shanghai dragon ranking, look at that day who will love Shanghai home, who will fall, which has almost become a part of the Shanghai dragon Er daily work. Observe for a long time we found, in addition to the strong "time-honored", some other relatively good rankings are the same as shift guard alternately adrift, sometimes floating large can let a person be struck dumb, unbelievable. Coincidentally, a station to do a keyword online today in Shanghai Longfeng friend asked me if he operation of recent volatility is very large, in the home for two or three days rather baffling slipped to second pages or more on the location. Recently we should believe that this situation often encountered, do this Langyue simple analysis, to share with you.

two reasons: the chain increased stagnation.

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