Links must know the details

The quality of

now many webmaster have a >

and friends of the chain must be able to find the URL and site name for web page source code, some criminals through some cheating cheat chain in the transaction chain, such as the friends of the chain website just written into the JS code, this approach does not bring a chain effect. The chain is two sites each do each other links, can be text links, images, mainly is to allow the user to enter the friendship website by clicking this link.


2, link correlation, the contents of the two sites do Links must be relevant, not a station to sell fruit, a film.

chain weight than the weight not good

Links effect has been weakened to love Shanghai, but friends of the chain or have a certain role. In the website optimization process in the current exchange Links is an unavoidable task. Although many people already know Links meaning, but I still want to talk to the novice here, Links is between website and website cooperation, can produce resource advantage in the peer. It is a chain of two sides are respectively in a certain location on your own site on the website of the other side, the LOGO name, plus other website links. The role is to enable the user to enter the site through the link in the chain to a website, which has brought traffic to a website chain, you can get a lot of traffic from the friends of the chain website, friends of the chain can also play a role in weight transfer.


3, the friends of the chain, the chain is not the other site too much, because the site has passed so many website weight, give you less, even if the weight is very high.

4, cheating site, in the chain of exchange, found that the chain site is the weight gain by cheating, decisive delete, otherwise it will affect your site.

We all know that ?

is the most direct benefit is to get traffic from the friends of the chain, the other, can let the spider easier to crawl your site so as to improve the site included. The maximum flow entrance website is the search engine, only by Links is not how much traffic. To get traffic from search engines, let your website more, Links is the best way to improve the collection. Here to introduce a word: popularity. Is this link how many websites do, your website backlinks, high popularity, love Shanghai ranking is relatively high, but junk chain will affect the ranking, which is a factor to consider.

what are the benefits?


chain selection should consider the following aspects:

1, the PR value, this is a Google algorithm, weight equivalent to love Shanghai, many owners will refer to this value in the choice of friendship, the PR value to the higher the better.

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