Website optimization FAQ two why not update site snapshot

2, Links. This is all the factors leading to the snapshot not update is one of the most injustice, because the other site involve not updated snapshot examples of nine out of ten, happen every day.

before we talked about "why not" new sites was collected, but when the new sites included, the snapshot update is a headache problem, I believe that many owners often encountered, the beginning is also often encounter such problems, but I do not think that the reason is not updated snapshot search engine reasons. The most important thing is the internal cause of the website. The most common site snapshot not update or even regressive reason is mainly due to the website, the website is not updated long-term spatial instability. The snapshot not update, webmaster should not always fantasy is search engine problems, we found in the snapshot not update, should be timely to find the reasons in the internal web site, find a solution, which is the most effective way to restore. Today I say not updated snapshot causes and solutions.

snapshot not update, we explain the following solution not updated snapshot.

7 home, excessive optimization. In general we identify whether excessive optimization mainly is to stack keywords, hidden links, buy black chain, page Jump, keyword density to determine.

5, JS code overflow. As everyone knows, the search engine is not cold on the JS code, if not by calling the JS code directly displayed on the search engine’s eyes, then the biggest difficulty is caused by the difficulty of spider crawling, will naturally affect the snapshot update.


1, the space is not stable. The space factors in every aspect of it will have an impact, but with the space snapshot is stable and whether it has the same effect, this is not to say a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the author.

2, cleaning up the bad Links. For some is down right or be K Links he deleted or moved to the inside pages, and if the other site snapshot of stagnation, so we also need to move him to the inside pages, so as not to be.

1, guarantee the stability of the space. The reason that we all know, the author skip.

To understand why A

website snapshot not update


website recently revised. The revision not only have influence on the snapshot, will have a very large impact on the ranking and weighting.

content is not high quality or content acquisition too much. A search engine does not recognize the quality of the content, but in the course of time, by comparing the contents of the database and the nature can also be found, and found the content and network site repeat degree is high, the lightest punishment is to stop updating the snapshot.

3, the chain fell sharply. Although there is no direct relationship with the snapshot of the chain, but in the indirect factor, and the chain will also affect the snapshot.

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