nquiry platform is to increase the high quality stable chain for the preferred site

5, Sohu

3, the question and answer

Sina Q & a platform is more flexible, each quiz will need a few seconds and a bad review, ask even if approved, later may also be deleted.

Q & a platform has a continuity, is easy to start the link, with the increase of time will bring you the link content slowly be blocked. So learn to leave. The article provided by 贵族宝贝dzswww贵族宝贝, welcomed the exchange of.

in the Sohu ask the link is a very difficult thing, the content of the answer must be targeted. Sohu and it is easy to put the IP address to shield, also need to apply for cancellation of shielding inside Sogou Q.

search link after revision became very bad hair, in answer to a question, to send some targeted answers, can add a link in the answer, and then went up. If you want to do product promotion, the best in the search, the questioner can easily see your answer, and the questioner is to write a strong customer. You ask once it’s hard to be deleted, delete can only be the result of your account has been blocked, then large-scale deletion of your answer. In the search question and answer, to keep the replacement of the account to send, avoid all may be deleted.

is a question and answer all the questions and answers the best platform outside the chain platform, but there is a fault, is easy to shield the user’s account, and will delete the account and related content, so hard to pay all in vain, so at the end of the chain to the regular replacement of account. So you can avoid being removed.

love Shanghai is the preferred search engine for many webmaster Shanghai dragon, so love Shanghai quiz platform by many webmaster attention. But love Shanghai shield on link is more serious, in the love of Shanghai quiz platform post links to a certain amount, and answer to the subject, to win the favor of love Shanghai in order to complete answer.

2, search Q &

1, love Shanghai ask

4, sina

with the Shanghai dragon is increasingly popular, more and more owners see the quiz platform advantages, has become almost to quiz platform personal webmaster place every day. But because too many people do so now, ask the chain platform has become more difficult to add. Today we get together to discuss some skills under several platforms to leave the chain.

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