Learn from the experience of Shanghai to love page optimization more perfect


three label refers to title, keyword, description. These three tags in love now to start Shanghai algorithm role actually has become very little, but this does not mean that we should give up the optimization of the three label while the three title tag do things carelessly. Do three tags can not only make the inside pages of our higher ranked, but also by the optimization of some long tail keywords, and then enhance the flow. Love the experience of Shanghai has done well, let’s take a look at its three major label source code:

(2), must pay attention to quantity not too much to the keywords keyword tag, the best three to four is good, the keyword correlation from high to low to write, as above, this can improve the keywords broad degree, can also be more optimized some long tail keywords.

[Second]: rich in content and have the practical value of

by the above three big love Shanghai experience for the title tag, we can learn to:

content is the soul of the website is a website, the lack of good support, it is impossible to grow up. Page optimization is also true.

[first]: website three tags written


page optimization is not easy, but we can learn the other means of the website optimization, such as the love experience of Shanghai is a good example. Shanghai love experience as a page in the love of Shanghai, can be said to optimize the work done very well, can love from Google, Shanghai ranked the observed, search the same problem, love Shanghai experience can always in the first place:

so, love Shanghai experience what is worthy of our reference to optimize the inside pages of our more perfect? The author will talk about the three point

website optimization need to be integrated to good page optimization considerations, but also consider the good page optimization. Most of the optimization focus on page optimization, there are very few people who really pay attention to optimizing the inner page. Page optimization is actually to complex optimization than the home page, but once the inside pages optimization well, for the site of the overall traffic will play a qualitative leap.

(3), description tag should pay attention to control the number of words, you can choose the page in the first paragraph to copy, but should better not more than 110 words, otherwise it might not display all love Shanghai.

(1), title tags can be used in the page title + site name brand combination way, this can let love Shanghai more recognition to your website brand word, let the word brand ranked higher.


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