Love Shanghai webmaster released white paper user experience is king

3, website advertising, most people choose to do is certainly not interested, said the Internet can make money, build a website to hang advertising can make money, but to love Shanghai white paper, 1 Pages hang up to 3 ads, so that it will not affect the user experience, this is your site do


1, select the system website, we all know that in the site, we often use a lot of station system, for example, my blog is used discuz, and phpcms, CMS, dedecms, WordPress, imperial Z-blog station system, choose a suitable system to do the main content very important, here also give you simply say, if the forum, so we can choose to use discuz, do content, choose to use dedecms to do the blog, choose to use WordPress, love Shanghai in this fast is not in fact what requirements, mainly the structure and framework of the website to suit their own website.

2, website content included, no doubt, no good content of the site will not be included in the love of Shanghai, the original content for new day to send their love, Shanghai still users "content is king" this rule, want to improve the site included, or content.

a month ago, love Shanghai issued 2014 webmaster white paper, this evening a few days after using a mobile phone to watch, feel the core of things has shifted past love Shanghai website ranking mostly in Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization, supplemented, in accordance with the love of Shanghai white paper, but it is not suitable for the current two the love of Shanghai search rankings, which I also released yesterday "Shanghai dragon know not all site lies in the way of thinking" the purpose of course is not in general that way of thinking, more important to say I love watching the Shanghai white paper what feelings and share with you.

network has opened their own reading blogs, more exciting content, please love Shanghai search: net

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is more than three points can be made after the Shanghai white paper this love I can get the information of a web site to do good and bad is your user experience, without a good user experience, in the appearance of the site, is a piece of paper.

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