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can be found in the website soso keywords derived "ABC agent" approach is particularly good, through the love of Shanghai index we can see that the keyword index in 150, and through the keyword search results appear on the first page of seventh (because the big map, so it is not a screenshot) obviously, I think the key words in SOSO through the retrieval antecedents is less than the number of first to sixth antecedents are more, that is what kind of situation caused by the number of antecedents so much? By comparing the information above, the author summarizes the influence factors of the following two aspects:

: "title should be short and precise

as a new generation of webmaster, go to work every day the first thing is to look at the web log, recently through the web log that is far greater than that of other key sources by keyword search volume, through observation and analysis of the author, the author found some little-known places, the author take the SOSO Web log search knowledge two background analysis and everyone share pen.

grasp the search results.

search information provided to the user with the continuous progress of Shanghai Dragon technology, many rely on keyword stacking site in a short period of time up to a certain position, to enhance the user search experience including Google and SOSO have joined the preview function, the preview can be better and faster to view the content of the web site. Through in preview search function, the author found that the preview is ranked according to the content of the web site on the lower order, in turn according to the order of the DIV website, the website in the preview is directly presented to the user site text frame, let search.

first, "title should be simple and powerful, the number of soso header text in the search results page, keyword part is bold and color processing with the header text, the purpose is to allow users to quickly browse the contents of the title search, search users looking for judgement on the basis of content objects, the author adopts the web site name + website keywords keywords positioning + content main way on title, the purpose of doing so is that the search results ranking is not an ideal situation, the first time to convey the name of the user site and site location information, found by SOSO on the search results page of the title, most of the present header keyword, can not accurately the definition of" positioning and description of web content, so the website title message without the website.

two: preview

the second search results if the web site home page must be extracted from the web page page description, the description of the web page website still uses the website name + site positioning + website provides the contents of the present author, in such a way that more information on the website to provide complete transfer, users search information is very complete, so the user will select the tendentious.

Through the above

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