n the website construction program in which hazards exist

Shanghai Longfeng predecessors will tell you, when you set up the website, you can break the axe – Shanghai dragon, to do long tail keywords optimization. When you come to a stage when we will find the website gradually pick up; you will notice that the background will be more and more competitors attack, even into the malicious code and so on. This time you panic, because you do not have to avoid these risks in the construction site. The latter is caused when the opponent attacks, you scramble to confound.

program to meet

recently, a few of my friends website program, there is a problem, but also because the website development, to a certain time and problems. As we all know, the quality of the construction site do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very important for the later, if you do not pay attention to these problems in the process of the site and construction, is very unfavorable for your website. I summed up a few points in the website construction program is about what harm?

causes the background exposure, the first is because we are using open source code, just downloaded online program, without safety certification. May these procedures are someone with malicious code, so you must go to the construction site in the early set back path, to adjust their own database.

this is a very important problem, not only is the one or two owners encountered experience. Including myself have encountered this problem, is when we built the website. When we bought the carefully selected host, domain name. Next, one thing is very important, is the program. This problem is rarely mentioned in Shanghai Longfeng friends, because we feel that as long as you buy a good host, plus a good domain name almost on the line.

reminder: if you do not pay can go to the construction site, some professional website construction company and consulting some experience of the site’s predecessors.


and space.

so I suggest to make friends, in the pre construction site also want to pay attention to this problem. Is to see our space to support what procedures, and consider the program for the website construction and optimization of late have what effect? These questions are all harmful programs exist in the construction site, do not appear again to solve the problem.

from the Shenzhen site to build.

said simply a blog of my own, I bought the host support PHP open source code, but does not support the ASP program. Because of the early stage of this problem is not very understanding, even if I upload the ASP program to install and use the blog. Have not found the problem, until the last one day, because my blog traffic increased suddenly, this problem has become increasingly prominent. The blog regularly open, sometimes open is very slow. I have not pay attention to the space program and to conform to this problem.

website background exposed

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