How to enter an industry and competitor analysis

as a webmaster, you are ready to enter into the field of what industry? What? Most of the time we forgot to ask myself, then headlong into an industry, the result is a disaster, we spend a lot of time, not by Shanghai dragon success, let alone realize the value of the website. For new Adsense, has a lot of research work we omit at the beginning of the site, also can not be omitted. The first step of the study is to carry out the competition in the industry. The Shanghai dragon staff, the most intuitive of the competition in the industry is reflected in the target keywords above. We should plan their target keywords. Then analyze the competition, the website keywords determined is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng work. This process we have to do very much: including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, current situation evaluation website, is expected to Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, the cost and time can expect returns to implement. And this process, should be the most important determining keyword analysis.

choose good keywords basically means you need to enter this industry, then, next, you should work out.


webmaster want to enter an industry, should be combined with technical expertise, hobbies, their cyber source etc.. A website I have done, I am not interested in this industry, but because of possible profit potential, then enter the industry in the premise of lack of interest and expertise, of course I easily defeated rival, unable to adhere to. Established industry to establish the scope of key words. And then have analyzed the next words. This is Shanghai dragon Er are very familiar with the work, but also can not correct or work. To establish the user searches based on keywords. What are the user search keywords in need of such products or services through a variety of keyword mining, then by Shanghai dragon mining tool related keywords. We should at least include these keywords list for analysis.

standard is very clear: the choice of keywords in your list of keywords list, through the analysis of the data comparison of keywords heat and the degree of competition, the principle is to select search keywords in large quantity, small competition as the core of our web site keywords. We all know that the core keywords improper choice of theharm: too broad, difficult, the transformation is small; the scope is too small, small amount of search, the Shanghai dragon home does not bring too much traffic, not to mention the transformation.

Before the

then is specific to the degree of competition analysis of key words. This article is very much in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng steps we are familiar with. First look at how to love Shanghai number of search results; then look at the number of love Shanghai for advertising, if possible, can also query the bidding price; then see are arranged in the forefront of Shanghai love website whether its title is writing the words, whether it is web page; then a preliminary analysis of how in love in the forefront of Shanghai row competition website the strength and so on. Then these results make detailed data recorded.

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