used the website promotion methods and experience sharing

drainage comments

1, go to the website of large flow rating.

visits mutual evaluation is a lot of new owners are in use, I am also very optimistic about this approach, for the new station, no rank, no traffic, poor writing is only reproduced so there is no opportunity to contribute, then visits mutual evaluation has become the most direct and effective method for drainage, but this is very tiring if you can persist, traffic is very considerable. Here and share my experience:

2, retain users:

as a webmaster, unless your site is intended only to record life, just think of it as a "QQ space" upgrade version exists, if not, then the site traffic will surely be one of you most concerned about the topic, and the first not to discuss the flow can benefit, so that when we see the update of the people reading, the heart will be more or less some relief, at least to pay with their "return".

this is the main source of my blog traffic at present, no matter what I write write how I would go to the website submission, didn’t think it would not have to go through as long as the written vote, although the submission process is tiring, but this method brings the effect it follows. Because of my blog for users is the webmaster and from the media, so some will go to the webmaster site submission, and each independent blog is my contribution object, in addition, I will put my article in each of the self media platform. If you want to vote for the best is for your users to publish on the website as well.

is different from the visits of peer assessment, but also the same way, will not introduce too much, here only said two things:


visits peer review:

2 to the relevance of Web site evaluation.

my goal is to get the owners to visit, and hope can get the other visitors also visit.


1, the purpose of the visits:

we may have noticed that the current Qun Weiwei blog is not what weight, but still every day there are hundreds of IP traffic, many webmaster friends have asked me how to do, here I will give you the website promotion methods and experience of our common share, the hope can help to you.

remember, here is the exchange, but not drainage, the purpose of communication is drainage,, many people are added after the group lost a web site, but the consequence of this is often not said will be playing no effect, so my method is advanced, and then exchange group, every group in appearance that mix a familiar face, when the group Friends of the relevant requirements.

light is attracted traffic is not enough, the key to retain the user can do, how to do? Just share the dry cargo.

, a contributor:


four, QQ group communication:

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