Wangzhuan mostly liar trickWhy is Taobao becoming more and more difficult today Several facts lie be

Wangzhuan five: click on an ad, every day if you can click, or click inside the mail link how many people how much publicity, is integral, integral

Wangzhuan project three: as long as you can pull many friends to join our program, you can get a percentage of commission, pull the more the more

Wangzhuan four: we are a foreign consortium holding. As long as you can invest $one hundred at one time, or RMB eight hundred yuan, you can return fifteen yuan a day for a year. Then, you recommend a person to join, and you can get the percentage of the investment you’re joining.

Wangzhuan A: as long as you can get to the Internet, I have to make you earn five hundred dollars!

return cash! !

finally advise you, cheap, not greedy, honest work, hard work, conscience, and through their own efforts to realize their dreams.

brush and false comments: hiring specialist

now open Taobao also need a lot of money, although not mandatory to pay, but you do not hand over the others, certainly no competition. For example, a limited time to discount money, poor assessment of the money to stop, Wang shop also money, for small sellers, Wang shop more than 1000, a year also count as a small investment.

Wangzhuan two: I can give you a look at my record collection, let you see how much a day, and then tell you just give me three hundred dollars, I will tell you this Wangzhuan


is very popular now, mainly in the following:

4, malicious competition

3, operating costs

Taobao is becoming more and more difficult now. This article summarizes some of the current Taobao platform problems. You want to open Taobao shop friends can refer to, and avoid blind investment funds and energy.

I want to remind the users of new friends and new webmaster, network is indeed a cornucopia, but want to make money from the Internet or not you want to do for a few days can be achieved by the method. What day earn how much, the downline deduct a percentage from a sum of money, the investment project of 99% is cheat project, who go in, will be brainwashed, the MLM pull a pull, harm friend also relatives.

1, traffic decreased by

2, the availability of replication

and the biggest bill is the money for the through train. Now, one click a few dollars, hundreds of days a day, the first day may be back to Ben, but the second day traffic down again, leading to the shop no one or no one. Now this situation can be said to be: do not drive without money, opened the car lost money.


I said above all Wangzhuan project, you must have some friends and Internet users in the website, your email or others, or some of the group saw. Indeed, in twenty-first Century, the Internet is a cornucopia of gold, as long as the master, just a fishing is tens of thousands, I believe that many people see these words, there will be inexplicable impulse, try these legendary Wangzhuan mood.according to greed. However, the results are often Wangzhuan money credit loss two. Network MLM, you lied to me, I lied to him, a level of deception down, liar chain breaks, you become the number one target. Not only for yourself, but also for friends and relatives.


before Taobao by finding a very unique source, can often surprise, to get a very good sales. But now with the Taobao store competition, technology continues to improve, if you put a goods, once sold signs, others can immediately give you a copy, first you are lower than the price, and then open a train to do other advertising, ranking immediately up, cause you have to find the explosion into a stepping stone to others.

said here traffic decline refers to two parts: part of the overall flow of Taobao’s decline. Since the Jingdong micro shop business impact on Taobao’s website, people are more or less take a part; the other part is the Tmall mall traffic, a lot of * * * out of the pages are Tmall mall, most buyers will only purchase in the first few pages to choose goods, this way the ordinary small sellers no what to flow. What’s more, the cat Kaitian is not bad money, Taobao and Tmall through the train car to the end, small sellers can not afford not to train more traffic, more don’t talk about what the conversion rate. Take a very simple example, search "millet 2S armored film mail", the key word out of the top few is a few to sell iPhone toughened film big Tmall mall.

keyword search for a commodity ranking

in the end, these operating costs have been made by Taobao this platform, and the loss of our sellers.


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