About three owners extended the right skills of long tail keywords

skills two, interrogative sentence

and these words itself is a kind of long tail keywords, so we choose the long tail keywords right, make good use of the interrogative sentence type more in line with the user search habits, such as the user to scaling will search long tail keywords and related scaling, scaling, such as how much money can a certain area where scaling, scaling how about the effect of a good, and so on? The search word, and search the long tail keywords users whose goal is very clear, this is what we often say that the accuracy of flow. So, choose the appropriate long tail keywords in the webmaster, try to question long "

due to short relationship between the main keywords, long tail keywords appear that form is a relatively long words or phrases, so we choose the long tail keywords, can be appropriate to merge the two main keywords, for example, such as the two main keywords and hilarious joke Daquan, because of its relatively large flow and competition also, it is not easy to be optimized, so we can put these two words together to set the long tail keywords, such as customers, hilarious joke Daquan, joke joke joke joke Daquan, like, so you can avoid the keyword independent of the degree of competition, and as long as these long tail keywords optimization up to the original and the two hilarious joke Daquan keyword rankings also have some help. As the website construction and optimization of Shanghai dragon of the two words, if we directly optimize the main keywords, the difficulty is relatively large, so we want to extend the long tail keywords, you can merge together through the two keywords, to go bad sperm, such as the Shanghai dragon website optimization and so on, so, choose the right the first technique is the combination of long tail keywords method through the main keywords, some keywords combined to more easily expand the long tail keywords appropriate, but also will not let out the correlation of long tail keywords and website.


is the type of long tail keywords do best is undoubtedly the quiz platform, and we can see that love Shanghai’s ranking, many keyword rankings are shown in the form of questions, such as:


for the main keyword choice, perhaps most of the webmaster know the method, but the site optimization in addition to the optimization of the main keywords, also need to optimize some long tail keywords to improve site traffic. As for the choice of long tail keywords optimization, there must be a quite good method, such as website long tail keywords and stronger correlations are more likely to get good rankings, but the rankings are stable, and some long tail keywords using hot events extended from the site and if their correlation is not strong, can only be temporary the flow. So in the process of optimization of long tail keywords, choose the appropriate long tail keywords is the first step of optimization, several techniques of today’s Chengdu talent network on this topic to talk about expansion.

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