College Football Bowl Referees

first_imgI must be getting old and cynical, but I find it very troublesome to watch today’s college football referees trying to call a game.  I don’t know if they have made the rules so complicated it is impossible to interpret or if they are afraid instant replay will prove them wrong.If you were watching the Iowa State vs. Washington State Bowl game, you know their calls cost Iowa State a bowl victory.  I know the wording of the targeting penalty says that if you lead with the helmet it is targeting.  What I want to know is:  if you are in the air when the whistle blows, how are you supposed to stop yourself?  The second targeting call on Iowa State, in my opinion, was unwarranted.  Targeting cost Iowa State their two best defensive players.  One was legit.   The other was not.  Another missed call was illegal motion on Washington State and that play resulted in a touchdown for Washington.In the Notre Dame bowl game, there was an obvious fumble, but the referee said they had blown the whistle because forward progress was stopped.  This is definitely one of those interpretation calls that no two referees ever agree on.  Here is another one of those complicated rules that needs to be interpreted.   If we are afraid of tackle football today, then let’s make it flag football and be done with it.last_img

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