Brochure “Guide to restaurants and taverns of Opatija” presented

first_imgThe Tourist Board of the city of Opatija recently presented a new catalog of congress offers entitled “Opatija – congress destination with tradition”, And now a brochure has been presented “Guide to restaurants and taverns of Opatija”. With this brochure we wanted to highlight the key reasons why Opatija is one of the top Croatian gastronomy – it is the position “between the sea and the mountains” which is why the plate combines “the best of both worlds” – seafood delicacies such as Kvarner shrimp and quality fish and fruit forests such as wild asparagus and mushrooms, the tradition of hospitality that is measured in centuries and the creativity of our chefs who successfully enhance this tradition with modern gastronomic trends, creating from indigenous local foods unsurpassed creations on a plate ” pointed out the director of the Tourist Board of the city of Opatija Suzi Petričić. In order to present the “culinary attractions” of its city, the Tourist Board of the city of Opatija has just published a brochure “Guide to restaurants and taverns of Opatija” which is available to all visitors to Opatija in the TIC from today. The idea, ie the only logical sequence of development and branding of Opatija, ie the Opatija Riviera through synergy, which has been written about and waited for a long time, finally got some first concrete official steps last year. According to the mayor of Opatija, Ivo Dujmić, an agreement has been reached with the mayors of the Liburnian local self-government and their tourist communities on the joint branding of the Opatija Riviera. For now, there is no official information on where and at what stage the process of branding the Opatija Riviera as a tourist destination is. Unfortunately, everything is obviously going too slowly, which is a great pity, because the market is evolving day by day, while we are stagnating and too slow, others are pushing strongly forward. RELATED NEWS: Matulji, Ičići, Mošćenička Draga, Lovran and Opatija must be under one brand – Opatija Riviera. It is only logical, natural and efficient. Branding of regions, not separately 300+ destinations in Croatia. Photo: City of Opatija Top gastronomic offer, cultural and congress tourism are among the most important elements of the tourist product of Opatija and the entire Riviera. The first edition of the brochure has been printed in 10 copies, and a new edition with the latest offer will be printed each year. Apart from the printed edition, all texts and photos will be available on the website of the Opatija Tourist Board. For now, there is no news about the same on the official web and FB pages of the Opatija Tourist Board. On the contrary, it is interesting how the Opatija Tourist Board communicates using the channels of the city of Opatija, and not through its communication channels. MATULJI, IČIĆI, MOŠĆENIČKA DRAGA, LOVRAN AND OPATIJA UNDER ONE BRAND – OPATIJA RIVIERA NEW CATALOG AND INTERNET PLATFORM OF OPATIJA FOR THE PROMOTION OF CONGRESS TOURISM MATULJI, IČIĆI, MOŠĆENIČKA DRAGA, LOVRAN AND OPATIJA UNDER ONE BRAND – OPATIJA RIVIERA? The bilingual brochure on 84 pages brings a detailed overview of Opatija’s catering facilities and cafes presented with top photos and interesting texts that represent the offer and atmosphere of each restaurant. For each restaurant, the house’s specialties are listed, as well as key information such as awards and recognitions, working hours, payment methods or capacity, and the brochure presents Opatija’s gastronomic events, from Asparagus and wine to the Chocolate Festival, as well as indigenous foods from this region such as Kvarner shrimp, chestnuts or asparagus, stand out from the city of Opatija. Thus, another opportunity was missed to present the mentioned guide about restaurants and taverns of Opatija, as a guide to the gastronomic offer of the entire Opatija Riviera. We have a lot of guides, information, confusion and noise in communication, and the issue of efficiency is questionable. Guests do not know things, do not see or are not interested in where the border is between Rijeka, Opatija, Lovran, etc. jima For them, it is all a destination. They are interested in quality content and experience. The main brand must certainly be Kvarner, so lower communication to other cities, ie joint integrated tourist products. Rijeka, Opatija Riviera, islands (Lošinj and Cres one brand?) Etc.… Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img

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