Brazilian And Peruvian Navies Participate In Hospital Assistance Operation Along Javari River

first_imgBy Dialogo May 10, 2010 Hail the Navy of Brazil, excellent work.I was on the patrol ship P30 – RORAIMA. I was part of the Federal Revenue Service Suppress and Embezzlement team.Regards,Irapuan Andrade The Brazilian and Peruvian Navies conducted, between March and April, a healthcare humanitarian operation for the residents of riverside communities along the Javari River, on the border between Brazil and Peru. The vessels participating in this binational operation were the Oswaldo Cruz, a hospital ship, and the Amapá, a river patrolboat, both from the Brazilian Navy, and the Morona and the Loreto, from the Peruvian Navy. During the 23 days of navigation, from the Javari Falls to the Special Border Platoon post at Palmeiras do Javari, 425 miles (approximately 787 km) away, nine communities were assisted, 111 medical, 867 laboratory, and 2,355 dental services were performed, and 222 vaccinations were given. Aboard the Brazilian ships were 4 doctors, 4 dental surgeons, and 1 pharmacist.last_img

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