One of the experiences of a Dopod Mobile Forum administrator

When the

near the Spring Festival in 2008, and the name of famous gossip, said that he had a Dopod mobile phone Forum (, now every day there are still more than 100 people online, but do not want to manage, then I have nothing to do, he said, give me the management site. So, I say the name. A Dopod mobile phone forum site administrator

management of Dopod mobile phone forum to now have three months time, which had seen many webmaster articles, plus a lot of webmaster chat, publicity in the Baidu post post, made the forum official QQ group, send the advertisement in the group inside. Also happy, also lost, and also for the forum the flow of. read more

The road of construction of Suzhou workshop network

in Admin5 and have seen a lot of plant behind the net, also saw many webmaster to profit from the plant network, follow the trend of thought arise spontaneously, don’t say I believe, there are many webmaster have this idea, but they did not go out


did, but for a long time have not done and stand, also don’t want to waste time doing a garbage station to beg to let Baidu included! Then pick up the Empire, with the help of other site template, and established the first local industry site: Suzhou plant in my life! read more

Six questions decryption slow company watercress in the end what is it

is not always seen in mainstream media, except that it’s a natural growth company, and there’s obviously more we want to know.

watercress rely on what profit? Watercress how to choose customers? Micro-blog’s rise is the impact of watercress? Watercress mobile products how to plan? Watercress has been listed on the whole army to be prepared,


these problems are so much attention, in a little earlier, watercress announced a single day visitors billions of dollars, is expected this year’s revenue of 80 million, close to profitability, more in-depth understanding of watercress is particularly important. This advertisement to watercress team reported that will answer all of your confusion. read more

The nternet grows in reflection

I think the Internet is making a mistake, and now most of the review will be like Chinese football summary meeting…

thinks too much and causes loss without knowing it. Users create content, content to attract users, users to create more content, more content to attract more users…… Web2.0’s website is basically such a growth principle, I do not quite agree with this view.

In fact,

should not be too much about the result, I think you can get a glimpse from the process; Chen Yizhou said the first thing is to enter the Internet to learn copy, the ideal and the reality person too far, in fact, simple copy need technical content, otherwise it will close to "A World Without Thieves" in Wei Fan’s the role of. read more

Why don’t Taobao users let other people see it

on the website, there are a lot of discussions friends, sometimes show websites can get the attention of others, to exchange views, exchange Links, increased access to, but in some cases, the website will also display to bring their own drawbacks to a certain extent.

shared a real story with you.

I run Taobao customers, mainly from the media, website is the main content of the core, which is the most valuable project, every day earnestly to write, to check the information, to enhance the user experience, but in the exhibition site, has brought a certain degree of adverse effects. read more

Secret become the five most important tips for cattle programmers


want to be the most cattle programmer? Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

Tip 1 requires methods, not memory,

, a programmer friend of mine, always told me how helpful it is to remember more than 200 C++ functions. "I never have to look for the definition of function, so I can program 50% faster than any other programmer." He said proudly. What can be the result? Doesn’t he know that the compiler’s code auto completion capabilities can save a lot of time in finding functions and input functions? In addition, when C# is published, his effort on memory functions is wasted. Of course, the programming of memorization is a necessary thing, but you should spend more time in learning methods work, such as creating a connection to a database, how to generate RSS source code, and then focus on how to achieve. Learning the right way to do things is much more important than rote learning. read more

A rookie Adsense filing experience

I first registered domain name is in late 2008, registered a few 1 yuan CN domain name, and then no target looking for free space, blind play. Later, the "crab" with vigour and vitality of the wind blowing, I try to record, actually chose pre-approval (that is required, fainted!) finally returned to spend some money, get prepared. Feel the record is nothing, registered a COM, decided to prepare for themselves.

submitted, the space customer service actually said that now the country’s strict grasp, the need for higher level headquarters to pass. Waiting for seven or eight days, I was in a hurry, call the past, a little fire, but still speak the truth, less than half an hour on the access business on the audit. To the Guangdong provincial administration here, and so on for 10 days, every day to see mail, every day disappointed. So I call them up, didn’t hear what I said, just tell me about what the 20 working days (presumably they accustomed to stall!), I just asked the first record, do not know if there is no wrong, they looked at the right, then hung the (I thought they would understand my Euphemism, but I was wrong!). read more

How to leverage local gateway profit focus brand advertising

brief description: from all domestic portals to win analysis, the income of about 60~80% is from the place of brand advertising.

based on the above analysis, the local gateway effectively develops brand advertising, which is an important way for local portals to obtain profits.

this article explains the characteristics of the brand advertiser and how to move the brand advertisement.

1, brand advertiser characteristics and advertising mode

2, network brand advertising value analysis and market share read more

How can industry websites be successful

after a few years of the station. He also has some feeling. Also several stations, later with many stationmaster net friends talk about, everyone thinks or engage in industry site better! Because it has industry website very valuable practical and commercial


first do stand in the time to clear the site for you in the end the audience is that some people are students, girl, old man, businessman, or child! The establishment of the target audience is very important! And once set after a certain popular website later replaced it fails. Is read more

Community 001 not willing to be a supermarket Porter

[Abstract] although self deprecating as a porter, but from its profit model planning, the team wants to do more than that.

community 001 started in June 2012 and is no longer a new company. In the first year of creation, the team operated only in parts of Beijing. With the beginning of 2013 wave of O2O tide, this by the Internet veteran Shao Yuanyuan in charge of community electricity providers, began to receive unprecedented attention, while beginning a rapid expansion of the market.

1. basic information read more