used the website promotion methods and experience sharing

drainage comments

1, go to the website of large flow rating.

visits mutual evaluation is a lot of new owners are in use, I am also very optimistic about this approach, for the new station, no rank, no traffic, poor writing is only reproduced so there is no opportunity to contribute, then visits mutual evaluation has become the most direct and effective method for drainage, but this is very tiring if you can persist, traffic is very considerable. Here and share my experience:

2, retain users:

as a webmaster, unless your site is intended only to record life, just think of it as a "QQ space" upgrade version exists, if not, then the site traffic will surely be one of you most concerned about the topic, and the first not to discuss the flow can benefit, so that when we see the update of the people reading, the heart will be more or less some relief, at least to pay with their "return". read more

How to enter an industry and competitor analysis

as a webmaster, you are ready to enter into the field of what industry? What? Most of the time we forgot to ask myself, then headlong into an industry, the result is a disaster, we spend a lot of time, not by Shanghai dragon success, let alone realize the value of the website. For new Adsense, has a lot of research work we omit at the beginning of the site, also can not be omitted. The first step of the study is to carry out the competition in the industry. The Shanghai dragon staff, the most intuitive of the competition in the industry is reflected in the target keywords above. We should plan their target keywords. Then analyze the competition, the website keywords determined is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng work. This process we have to do very much: including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, current situation evaluation website, is expected to Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, the cost and time can expect returns to implement. And this process, should be the most important determining keyword analysis. read more

n the website construction program in which hazards exist

Shanghai Longfeng predecessors will tell you, when you set up the website, you can break the axe – Shanghai dragon, to do long tail keywords optimization. When you come to a stage when we will find the website gradually pick up; you will notice that the background will be more and more competitors attack, even into the malicious code and so on. This time you panic, because you do not have to avoid these risks in the construction site. The latter is caused when the opponent attacks, you scramble to confound. read more

mprove the site search background traffic experience sharing

can be found in the website soso keywords derived "ABC agent" approach is particularly good, through the love of Shanghai index we can see that the keyword index in 150, and through the keyword search results appear on the first page of seventh (because the big map, so it is not a screenshot) obviously, I think the key words in SOSO through the retrieval antecedents is less than the number of first to sixth antecedents are more, that is what kind of situation caused by the number of antecedents so much? By comparing the information above, the author summarizes the influence factors of the following two aspects: read more

sh419 will significantly increase the proportion of advertising alliance in SeptemberHe was expelled

transferred from army to Shenzhen, career low, marriage broke up,

After graduating from

 :     at present, the website advertising alliance has become one of the main sources of revenue for many small and medium-sized websites. In addition to the sh419 alliance, there are also shlf1314, Alibaba and other enterprises to participate in the competition. commissioning editor admin01

in 1963, Ren Zhengfei studied at the Chongqing Institute of Architectural Engineering incorporated into Chongqing University. During school, he taught himself about computers, digital technology, automatic control, and then studied logic, philosophy, and several foreign languages. read more

Love Shanghai webmaster released white paper user experience is king

3, website advertising, most people choose to do is certainly not interested, said the Internet can make money, build a website to hang advertising can make money, but to love Shanghai white paper, 1 Pages hang up to 3 ads, so that it will not affect the user experience, this is your site do


1, select the system website, we all know that in the site, we often use a lot of station system, for example, my blog is used discuz, and phpcms, CMS, dedecms, WordPress, imperial Z-blog station system, choose a suitable system to do the main content very important, here also give you simply say, if the forum, so we can choose to use discuz, do content, choose to use dedecms to do the blog, choose to use WordPress, love Shanghai in this fast is not in fact what requirements, mainly the structure and framework of the website to suit their own website. read more

Learn from the experience of Shanghai to love page optimization more perfect

three label refers to title, keyword, description. These three tags in love now to start Shanghai algorithm role actually has become very little, but this does not mean that we should give up the optimization of the three label while the three title tag do things carelessly. Do three tags can not only make the inside pages of our higher ranked, but also by the optimization of some long tail keywords, and then enhance the flow. Love the experience of Shanghai has done well, let’s take a look at its three major label source code: read more

nquiry platform is to increase the high quality stable chain for the preferred site

5, Sohu

3, the question and answer

Sina Q & a platform is more flexible, each quiz will need a few seconds and a bad review, ask even if approved, later may also be deleted.

Q & a platform has a continuity, is easy to start the link, with the increase of time will bring you the link content slowly be blocked. So learn to leave. The article provided by 贵族宝贝dzswww贵族宝贝, welcomed the exchange of.

in the Sohu ask the link is a very difficult thing, the content of the answer must be targeted. Sohu and it is easy to put the IP address to shield, also need to apply for cancellation of shielding inside Sogou Q. read more

Website optimization FAQ two why not update site snapshot

2, Links. This is all the factors leading to the snapshot not update is one of the most injustice, because the other site involve not updated snapshot examples of nine out of ten, happen every day.

before we talked about "why not" new sites was collected, but when the new sites included, the snapshot update is a headache problem, I believe that many owners often encountered, the beginning is also often encounter such problems, but I do not think that the reason is not updated snapshot search engine reasons. The most important thing is the internal cause of the website. The most common site snapshot not update or even regressive reason is mainly due to the website, the website is not updated long-term spatial instability. The snapshot not update, webmaster should not always fantasy is search engine problems, we found in the snapshot not update, should be timely to find the reasons in the internal web site, find a solution, which is the most effective way to restore. Today I say not updated snapshot causes and solutions. read more

Links must know the details

The quality of

now many webmaster have a >

and friends of the chain must be able to find the URL and site name for web page source code, some criminals through some cheating cheat chain in the transaction chain, such as the friends of the chain website just written into the JS code, this approach does not bring a chain effect. The chain is two sites each do each other links, can be text links, images, mainly is to allow the user to enter the friendship website by clicking this link.


2, link correlation, the contents of the two sites do Links must be relevant, not a station to sell fruit, a film. read more