About three owners extended the right skills of long tail keywords

skills two, interrogative sentence

and these words itself is a kind of long tail keywords, so we choose the long tail keywords right, make good use of the interrogative sentence type more in line with the user search habits, such as the user to scaling will search long tail keywords and related scaling, scaling, such as how much money can a certain area where scaling, scaling how about the effect of a good, and so on? The search word, and search the long tail keywords users whose goal is very clear, this is what we often say that the accuracy of flow. So, choose the appropriate long tail keywords in the webmaster, try to question long " read more

Wangzhuan mostly liar trickWhy is Taobao becoming more and more difficult today Several facts lie be

Wangzhuan five: click on an ad, every day if you can click, or click inside the mail link how many people how much publicity, is integral, integral

Wangzhuan project three: as long as you can pull many friends to join our program, you can get a percentage of commission, pull the more the more

Wangzhuan four: we are a foreign consortium holding. As long as you can invest $one hundred at one time, or RMB eight hundred yuan, you can return fifteen yuan a day for a year. Then, you recommend a person to join, and you can get the percentage of the investment you’re joining. read more