Trauma Tuesday: Tough Mudder Clothesline Edition

first_imgThe Tough Mudder series of races is not for the squeamish and for good reason – read about the race’s first death during competition here. The races are long and the obstacles vary from cold water plunges to wall climbs to running through wires coursing with electricity. The race is intense to say the least.It’s the Electroshock Therapy obstacle that gets the guy in the video above, and no, it’s not the guy who takes a digger at :05. You can tell the wires are working from the guy who flinches at :13 just as the true victim is sucking his doors off trying to get through without feeling the wrath. The worst part is the guy looks like he is making good time and in a healthy rhythm. Nothing like an electric clothesline to put a hitch in your giddy-up. But he’s a tough mudder, so he stayed in the game, which is commendable given he just got jacked off his feet. He’s lucky his head didn’t pop off, and you can tell he is physically hurt as well as emotionally demoralized as he slumps away.Love how the woman with the volunteer shirt just walks on by giving no assistance – if that is even a real Tough Mudder volunteer, which she may not be. Or maybe volunteers are instructed to not give assistance – that’s just another obstacle in the race. And the announcer with his two cents for the crowd: “Wow. You don’t see that every day.”No, you certainly don’t.last_img read more

Seven community sports grounds in Region 6 benefit from $1M grants

first_imgAS part of its ongoing initiative, the Ministry of Education and the Sports Community Grounds Enhancement project on Tuesday handed over a $1M grant to seven communities in Region Six.The presentation was made at the Region 6 – East Berbice, 2017 Mega Emancipation celebration.Minister of Education Nicolette Henry, speaking excitedly at the 179th Anniversary of Emancipation which was held at Gibraltar – Courtland Primary School Region 6 – East Berbice Corentyne, said, “We are proud to distribute grants of $1M which will go to the enhancement and development works on the seven community sport grounds.”The chairpersons/leaders of the seven communities were all present to receive their $1M grant. The presentation was done by President David Granger.Further it was noted that the Ministry is working to ensure that grounds are readily available to be used by members of communities, most importantly, youths.Additionally, Community Liaison Officer attached to the Ministry of Education Randolph Critchlow said, “The Ministry has allocated over $40M which will go to support small developmental works in communities all across the country.“Another $100M has been allocated for major development works as the ministry continues to ensure that communities are outfitted with the requisite recreational facilities.”The grounds receiving the grants are:Liverpool/Lancaster Community groundUnion Community groundGibraltar/Fyrish Community groundRose Hall Community groundNew Amsterdam Community groundScottsburg Community groundKildonan Community groundlast_img read more