Five musthave Google TV Apps

first_imgIt has been a long and somewhat painful road for Google TV users, but the search engine-powered television enhancer is finally on the right path. Now that the set top boxes support apps from the Android Market, these devices can finally start to take advantage of minds outside the Googleplex. And with a little bit more time having passed since everyone got the Google TV 3.1 update, we’ve put together a list of our favorite apps for Google TV. Airtight – Airplay for GoogleTV Even if you live an Apple free existence, chances are you know someone who doesn’t. Airtight allows Airplay users to shoot their pictures, music, and video to a Google TV the same way you would an Apple TV. The Airtight app is $.99 in the Android Market, and doesn’t require anything on the Apple device. Once you install the app on your Google TV and both devices are on the same wireless network, the Apple device will detect the Google TV the same way it would an Apple TV. Space Invaders Who doesn’t love Space Invaders? The Android-themed variant of the game is available for Google TV. This game is best played with any of the Google TV devices with the Sony controller, in my opinion, but plays great on all of them. The app is free in the Android Market, and is a terrific time-waster for everyone. Plex Media Server It would take quite a bit for me to move my HTPC setup away from XBMC, especially after customizing it so it works for my home setup so well. After two minutes of setup time with Plex, and I feel like I have been wasting my time. Plex Media server is incredibly easy to setup, and has apps for everything, including Google TV. Now, with the $.99 Plex app for GoogleTV, I have access to all the media in my house, and enjoy it wirelessly with no real HTPC setup. Plex is perfect for anyone who has media on their home network they would want to move to their TV to enjoy. Able RemoteGoogle did a fine job with the remote app for Google TV. On both iOS and Android, it’s a pretty solid experience. That didn’t stop someone from taking a good idea and strapping more awesome to it, though. Able remote adds some pretty amazing features to your Google TV experience. Voice commands, the ability to talk into your phone and have it relay the command to your TV, is amazing for searching for content. Additionally, there is an app launcher in the app that will launch the app on the TV when you tap the icon on the phone. There’s plenty of additional toys in Able Remote, though you need to install the app on both your phone and you television. Classy Fireplace There’s not really a need for a digital fireplace. In fact, this is a giant waste of time and energy. Nevertheless, this one is my favorite. Digital fireplace videos are nothing new, and there is one on Netflix that runs for hours on end, and several for iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Android. Yet the Classy Fireplace App for Android includes a fireplace, fireworks display, and an aquarium scene and I enjoy it quite a bit. The videos play in the background and repeat as they play, so you could have a wonderful fireplace (or other soothing scene) for hours.last_img read more