The best mod ever Octodad now playable in Dont Starve

first_imgLast month, developer Klei opened up the ability to allow user-made mods in survival-em-up Don’t Starve. For those of you that haven’t played it, it’s not just your typical Minecraft clone, even though hearing someone describe it aloud would make it seem as such.The interesting bit about modding Don’t Starve is that the game’s aesthetics are uniquely stylized, so it’s tough to accurately match. Compared to modding games like Skyrim or GTA IV — with art that wouldn’t be described as stylized — Don’t Starve is tough to mod unless you’re a talented artist. This is why it’s so great that someone modded Octodad into the game as a playable character, and it doesn’t look too out of place.If you’re unfamiliar with Octodad, the game is about an octopus stuffed into human clothing, pretending to be a human — complete with a human wife and kids. Obviously, it’s a comedy game, and a brilliant one at that. The gameplay is a little meta, in that the challenge in the game is the controls, but that’s the intent rather than a problem — it’s difficult to perform tasks as a creature without bones in an environment not suited to that creature. Luckily, Octodad doesn’t need to worry about bones in Don’t Starve.The mod simply adds a new character to Don’t Starve, and only brings the new look and Octodad’s stats. He moves more slowly than other characters, but is tough to scare (and thus lose sanity). I guess when you’re an octopus married to a human and have two human kids, you’ve seen some stuff, and the shadows and hounds in Don’t Starve aren’t too scary anymore.You can grab the mod here, and it’s also available on Steam Workshop. If you haven’t played either Don’t Starve or Octodad, both are great games that couldn’t be more different.last_img read more