Apple Opening Makeshift Austin Store for SXSW

first_imgGood news, Austin Macheads, Apple is opening up a new store in your backyard. Bad news, Austin Macheads, the thing will only be open for two weeks. The company is set to rent out a space in Austin’s Scarbrough Building for a fortnight, to meet the tech demands of South by South West in that area.Fittingly, the whole deal went down in record time, according to Rance Wilemon, of the building’s real estate firm, Plat.Form. “They came in town on Monday, did a quick tour, found a spot, and they’re in there working and will open by Friday,” he told a local paper. “”They’re just a great draw.” Wilemon, naturally, is hoping that the temporary location will prove something of a trial run for a permanent Apple Store. Apple already has two permanent locations in the Austin Area. As such, Wilemon doesn’t expect a third store to be a priority. “I think we’re several years away from that being a focus for them. They do great at their two existing stores, and they’re really focused on overseas expansion right now.”last_img read more