Switching off animation

first_imgThereare few things more annoying than waiting for unwanted animations or banner adsto download on a website when you’re in a hurry. And while some web animationcan be fun, on the whole we use the Internet to access information as quicklyas possible. The following steps (for users of version 5.5 of Internet Explorer) show howeasy it is to switch animation off. 1 – Go to the Tools menu, select Internet Options and go to the Advancedsection of the menu. 2 – You should see a number of options and scroll down these until you getto Multimedia. Set the box next to Play Animations to unchecked. 3 – If you decide to relent and let animations back into your life, reversethe above steps and restart your computer. Remember that you can also opt for a text-only browser to speed up yoursurfing, such as Lynx (www.lynx.browser.org), which only lets you view words ona website rather than pictures and animation. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Switching off animationOn 15 May 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img read more