AC Nielsen tackles staff loyalty

first_imgMarket research company AC Nielsenhas reduced staff turnover by 34 per cent by introducing an annual businesseffectiveness survey five years ago. Richard Savage, HRdirector for AC Nielsen Belgium, said a drive to improve staff loyalty wasbehind the initiative, following the company’s separation from Dun &Bradstreet in 1996.He said, “Thecompany was suffering from low employee morale and millions of dollars inlosses. “We also had lotsof dissatisfied clients. There was a need to improve productivity and increasethe satisfaction of employees.”AC Nielsen adopted aservice profit chain model in 1996, which included a business effectivenesssurvey and changes to the compensation pay of its managers.The businesseffectiveness survey is made up of 50 questions on 12 core competencies, suchas leadership, performance management and career development. It is sent to ACNielsen’s 20,000 employees worldwide, in 100 different countries.Savage said,”This year we got an 87 per cent response rate from our survey.”The HR team changedthe bonus pay for managers linking it to the performance of their businessunits as an incentive to commit to the business model. Savage said,”This helped to bring hearts and minds of managers with us.”Focus groups were alsoset up in individual business units to work on action plans to improvedeficiencies in key competencies.Since the model’sintroduction, the company has quadrupled its operating income and increasedemployee satisfaction by 33 per cent. AC Nielsen had salesof $1.4bn (£973m) last year. Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. AC Nielsen tackles staff loyaltyOn 10 Apr 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more