Sony patents offline used game detection using RF tags

first_imgFor the most part, publishers, game developers, and console manufacturers are not fans of used games. As far as they are concerned they limit the sales of new games and put the resale profit in the pockets of retailers alone. So it’s not surprising to see downloadable games embraced and experiments such as EA’s Project $10 and the PSPgo attempted. But Sony looks to be taking things a step further and preparing to limit or even block used games completely in the future.A new patent has been filed by Sony that details a way of detecting and limiting the use of a used game using an RF tag. Such a system would allow a console to detect a used game and take appropriate action, be that stopping its use or possibly demanding a payment be made before it is allowed to play. Importantly, using an RF tag means this check could be done without an Internet connection being required.The system works with a so-called use permission tag that would be attached to the game media. When a new game is first inserted into a console a unique media ID along with the console’s ID and user account ID is recorded (contactless) on the user permission tag. If that same game is then used in another console, the IDs are detected and appropriate action can be taken by the console as the game is clearly not brand new.It seems unlikely Sony would block the use of a used game completely. Instead, anyone buying a used game will probably be expected to pay Sony a fee to unlock it–a lot like how Project $10 works if you want multiplayer enabled (Online Pass). Even so, this permissions system is sure to put a major dent in the used game market if and when Sony decides to introduce it. If they do, it will most likely be a feature of the PS4.FPO, via NeoGAF Image credit Maschinejungelast_img read more