Better Together

first_imgOur product development efforts are geared to help our customers transform their IT environments and prepare their infrastructure for the next wave of innovation, often referred to as the Third Platform of IT.With this in mind, EMC is making a couple of organizational moves today that will sound like “inside baseball” to most outside the company. But the benefits to customers are worth calling out, so let me do that here.First, we are bringing together our VMAX and VNX product development teams into one division focused on enterprise and mid-range systems. We will maintain VMAX and VNX as separate product lines for different workload requirements. Offering customers a range of choices in one best-of-breed product family is a differentiator for our business. There are no changes to any products, product roadmaps or the way we take our products to market or how we support our customers. But we believe that bringing these teams together will make our portfolio and our business even stronger.Both VMAX and VNX are block and file transactional systems that support mission critical workloads, common hardware and the use of key technologies. In the auto industry, automakers that offer different product lines for different segments of the market have demonstrated the benefits of sharing platforms, and we intend to leverage those benefits here. Bringing these teams together will allow us to accelerate innovation and maintain our leading edge in the storage industry.Brian Gallagher, who has led our VMAX development team, will lead the combined division, while his VNX counterpart, Rich Napolitano, takes on an exciting new role leading an early stage initiative, focused on next generation information infrastructures for multi-cloud environments.On a related note, we are bringing together our VPLEX, RecoverPoint and Backup & Recovery Systems teams into a new Data Protection & Availability Division. This combined group will enhance our value proposition around protecting, recovering and ensuring data availability, and driving data protection across — and into — our primary storage arrays. This team will better position us to deliver data protection as a set of software-defined services on top of ViPR and provide a solid foundation for ‘Trust’ in the Cloud. Guy Churchward will lead this team.These changes are a natural evolution of our business and will come as no surprise to those who follow us closely. Over the last few years, we have continued to serve more and more customers, but there are still large untapped opportunities for us to help even more customers transform their IT environments and take advantage of the Third Platform. Today’s announcements help us align our awesome capabilities to better address the needs of customers on that journey.last_img read more

5 common misconceptions about social media marketing companies

first_img 74SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Although we are known as ‘Social Stairway’ we do a lot more than just social media marketing. So, here’s a few common misconceptions that you might keep in mind when looking for an online marketing agency that would be a good fit for your organization…Myth 1.  Social Media Marketing Companies only work with Social Media:Most GOOD social media marketing companies are shifting more and more to becoming full service inbound marketing agencies. The shift is mainly driven by the need to demonstrate clear ROI from social media efforts. And to get conversions from these efforts you typically must continue to track traffic when it LEAVES the social platform and heads to a business’ website.To accurately follow these leads and conversions, an agency will need to help your business integrate email and sales for following up. You will also need a well-developed content marketing strategy as this is often why people leave the social network and head to your website in the first place. continue reading »last_img read more

Virus toll surges in Madagascar, land of COVID ‘cure’

first_imgAmbulance sirens wail almost incessantly, the hospitals are swamped and the sports stadium has been turned into a 250-bed field hospital.Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, is grappling with a flood of coronavirus cases — a surge starkly at odds with the country’s flamboyant claim to have devised a herbal cure for COVID-19.On Tuesday, the impoverished Indian Ocean island passed the symbolic threshold of 10,000 recorded cases, 93 of which have been fatal.  Presidential push CVO was launched to the world in April by Rajoelina himself. “This herbal tea gives results in seven days,” he said, sipping a dose. “I will be the first to drink this today, in front of you, to show you that this product cures and does not kill.” The drink is prepared with artemisia, a plant with proven efficacy in malaria treatment. But there is no scientific evidence to back the claims — and a host of medical experts, led by the World Health Organization (WHO) and US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), have loudly warned of the risk of taking concoctions that have not been vetted for safety.Many in Madagascar clearly have doubts of their own.”To see whether CVO works, all you have do to is look at the number of cases,” said Mirato Rabearson Mahefamanana, a general practitioner. “Why are there so many right now?”Former education minister Paul Rabary told AFP he had scrupulously drunk CVO — and still caught the virus.”I consulted four private doctors, and none of them prescribed me with Covid-Organics.”Marcel Razafimahatratra, a sociologist, said: “If I am unfortunate enough to catch this disease, I prefer to be treated by doctors who don’t use CVO.” Today, the caseload is rising by between 300 and 400 each day, nearly triple or quadruple that of a few weeks ago.The authorities have several explanations for the phenomenon. One is that a rise in testing has uncovered more positive cases. A second is that infections are being driven by the capital’s dense population. And then there is a third explanation: that people fell sick because they failed to drink Covid-Organics — the concoction, also called CVO, that President Andry Rajoelina is controversially pitching as a cure for the virus.”The number of cases is rising more and more… We are only admitting the seriously ill,” the director of the city’s Andohotapenaka Hospital, Nasolotsiry Raveloson, told AFP. Health Minister Ahmad Ahmad sounded the alarm last week — but at a political cost to himself.He sent out a letter to international aid donors, saying the trend was now “very critical… with notable flare-ups in certain regions, particularly in Antananarivo.”Urgent needs included 337 ventilators, 2.3 million face masks, 697,000 pairs of gloves, 533,200 medical blouses as well as oxygen bottles.The government reacted tartly, describing the appeal as “a personal initiative”, taken “without consulting” either the government or Rajoelina.”It is clear that many crucial points in the management of this health crisis have escaped the vigilance of the minister of public health,” it said scathingly.center_img Less visible Yvonne Ravaoalisoa, a 60-year-old trader who lives with her two nieces, disagreed.”Since we’ve been taking CVO, none of us at home has fallen sick,” she said.Opposition MP Liantso Bina Andriamanjato is also a fan. “It’s a simple but effective remedy, which cured me,” he insisted.After its blockbuster introduction, CVO was sold in retail outlets, given to schoolchildren and distributed to health centers, although its visibility has discreetly declined in recent weeks.Madagascar dispatched the drink to several African countries, but doubt about its claims prevail there too.In the Republic of Congo, “test results point towards limited effectiveness,” said Alexis Elira Dokekias, a senior official in charge of coronavirus admissions.In Nigeria, the national drugs watchdog found no evidence of curative properties, according to the health ministry, and stocks of the drink sent by Madagascar remain in storage. Topics :last_img read more

NBA trade rumors: Four stars who could be on the move during the 2019-20 season

first_imgIt’s a fool’s errand to predict the major trades that will be completed once the NBA returns for another year of drama, but it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if these four stars spark lively conversations over the next few months.NBA SCHEDULE RELEASE: Opening Night, Christmas Day, star return games for 2019-20 seasonBradley Beal, Wizards2018-19 season stats: 25.6 points, 5.5 assists, 5.0 rebounds, 47.5 percent shooting, 35.1 percent 3-point shootingA two-time All-Star, Beal is a perfect fit on just about every roster. He’s a threat off the ball as a 3-point shooter, and he displayed improved playmaking with John Wall out for 91 of a possible 164 games over the last two seasons. His production and efficiency in 2018-19 has only been matched by some of the greatest players in hoops history. And Beal is also just 26 years old.Would the Wizards actually consider trading Beal? So far, the answer has consistently been something along the lines of “no, shut up about it.” Washington would prefer to sign Beal to a three-year, $111 million max extension prior to the 2019-20 season. Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski there are no plans to begin trade discussions should Beal decline that extension.Beal has two years left on his current contract, so Sheppard’s strategy is fine. But the clock is already ticking. Beal doesn’t have much help with this Wizards roster, and Washington is looking like a lottery team. That could be a major factor as he decides what to do with that extension.”I’d be naive to say I wouldn’t be (interested in extension talks),” Beal told The Washington Post’s Candace Buckner in June. “Washington is where I’ve been the last seven years, going on eight. It would be great to play in one place forever.”But at the same time, you want to win and make sure you’re in a position to do so.”Kevin Love, Cavaliers2018-19 season stats: 17.0 points, 10.9 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 38.5 percent shooting, 36.1 percent 3-point shootingThe veteran power forward struggled with injuries last season, missing 60 games for a bad Cavs team. Love signed a four-year, $120 million extension in 2018, so there may be health concerns for the soon-to-be 31-year-old. Still, Love can be a terrific complementary player and elevate the right team from really good to great.Cleveland reportedly wants both young players and picks in any Love trade. That asking price feels too high at the moment. Perhaps a contender sees Love as the missing piece, but the bet here is he remains in a Cavs jersey to start the year before trade talks intensify closer to the deadline. Chris Paul, Thunder2018-19 season stats: 15.6 points, 8.2 assists, 4.6 rebounds, 41.9 percent shooting, 35.8 percent 3-point shootingAfter sending Westbrook to Houston, the Thunder were hoping to flip Paul for more assets with Miami emerging as the top destination. Unfortunately for Oklahoma City, the market for Paul is essentially nonexistent because of trade limitations following free agency and Paul’s massive contract. It seems Paul has accepted he will start the 2019-20 campaign with the Thunder.Paul is no longer in “Point God” territory, but he did average 15.6 points, 8.4 assists, 5.2 rebounds and 1.8 steals after the 2019 All-Star break. He also scored 27 points (11 of 19 from the field), grabbed 11 rebounds and dished out six assists in the Rockets’ Game 6 loss to the Warriors, which eliminated Houston from the 2019 playoffs. Let’s not pretend overpaid means bad.If Paul shows a little bit more of his old self in OKC (and doesn’t annoy his new teammates), he could become an intriguing in-season trade target. Salary-matching will be tough, but as Kevin Garnett once said, “Anything is possible!”D’Angelo Russell, Warriors2018-19 season stats: 21.1 points, 7.0 assists, 3.9 rebounds, 43.4 percent shooting, 36.9 percent 3-point shootingGolden State unexpectedly acquired Russell in a sign-and-trade with the Nets, allowing the Warriors to get something in return for Kevin Durant. As soon as the deal was completed, though, there were already reports the Warriors were simply treating Russell as a trade asset. “They got a 23-year-old All-Star, and they will trade him,” Marc Stein of The New York Times said back in July. “It’s just a matter of when. … (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson) aren’t going anywhere. There really isn’t room for Russell. Obviously Klay is going to miss the rest of next season, so in the shortterm, yes. But this was really about the Warriors protecting themselves for the future.”Warriors general manager Bob Myers has rejected that idea, saying the team “didn’t sign (Russell) with the intention of just trading him” and wants to “just see what we have.” That’s an understandable approach, but will Myers change his mind once Thompson recovers from the ACL injury he suffered in the 2019 NBA Finals?How Russell works next to Curry could dictate how Golden State handles this situation. There might not be room in the family for a “Splash Cousin.” The 2019 offseason only confirmed what we already knew about the modern NBA: Lucrative contracts for the league’s top stars, regardless of the years and dollar amounts attached, can be quickly rendered irrelevant if a general manager wants to make a move — or if a player is ready to request a trade.Anthony Davis and Paul George wanted out of New Orleans and Oklahoma City, respectively; they both landed in Los Angeles. Russell Westbrook seemed like a lock to be a Thunder player for life; he is now a member of the Rockets. Team situations can change in the blink of an eye, and the constant worries about roster turnover are unlikely to dissipate. (At least David Griffin and Sam Presti control the NBA Draft for the next century).last_img read more

Black sports agents strike out with Black athletes

first_imgJAMES CLINGMAN (NNPA)—Let me make a “pitch” (pun intended) for Black sports agents. Watching the NBA playoffs and finals was more than an exercise in pulling for my favorite teams; it was also a very frustrating experience for me because I tend to look at most things from an economic perspective.While Black athletes dominate football and basketball, and have a major presence in baseball, relatively few of them hire Black attorneys, accountants, and agents, thereby, putting as much as 5 percent of their contract amount into someone else’s economy.For years now, we have seen this intriguing phenomenon. In 1995, Black Enterprise magazine ran an article titled “MVPs,” that shed light on this subject R. David Ware, noted for negotiating the largest non-quarterback (Barry Sanders) contract in the NFL, voiced his frustration about the situation this way: “It is so disheartening that so few African-Americans are given the opportunity to represent African-American players… they wear Kente cloth and talk about pride in their heritage, but when it comes to business affairs, they don’t use African-American lawyers, agents, or accountants.”You would think African-American college graduates would know better. But, in my opinion, they lack a consciousness that would have them act otherwise, and many have virtually no knowledge, or interest for that matter, in Black business history and the role they play in this nation’s economic system. They are noted more for their shoe, soft drink, and fast food commercials, rather than their commitments to conscious capitalism. They have become fashion icons instead of paragons of Black empowerment. My suggestion to one of my students who played basketball at the University of Cincinnati was to develop a relationship with a fellow student who was majoring in finance, law, or business, and hire that person as an agent when he turned professional.Let me pause here and say, I am not using a broad brush to paint all Black athletes (and entertainers). I know many of them are doing very positive things when it comes to supporting African-American business persons and causes. In addition, far be it from me to dictate to anyone how to spend their money. So, please, as you read this, just take it as a recommendation for economic empowerment for Black people.last_img read more

Fantasy sports scores with mobile and online users

first_imgCHERYL PEARSON-MCNEILWhen it comes to defining that which is “typically American,” I think we’re going to have to add “sports” to the old expression, “As American as Mom and apple pie.”We are a country full of sports fanatics.  (While I might not exactly fall into that category, I am the mother of an extraordinary 17-year-old athlete and lover of all things sports.  So, I have to admit, that I need to step up and try to keep up)!Nielsen numbers bear this out.  Sports programs are among the top watched in African-American households as well as those of the general population, with the Super Bowl consistently ranking as the most-watched program across the board.  In fact, Super Bowl XLVII drew 108 million viewers nationally.African–Americans made up a whopping 12.5 million of those viewers.  (Personally, I enjoy the parties and the commercials, the game? Not so much.)With football and basketball season in full swing, Nielsen has identified and measured a phenomenal, growing niche industry, Fantasy Sports.Now, for those of you who, like me, were not familiar with this popular trend—Fantasy Leagues are places where you can use the web, smartphones and/or tablets, act as sports general managers, to draft professional athletes from your favorite pro teams to make up the roster how you see it in your own personal league. Fantasy points are awarded to the players, based on their performance in the actual games being played.  You and your friends can compete or bet against each other while watching the real game.last_img read more

Alex Iwobi and Alexandre Lacazette put Huddersfield further in mire

first_img Lineups 25 Jorgensen 59 Willock Huddersfield’s first-choice goalkeeper, Jonas Lössl, had talked defiantly in the buildup about staging a sensational late escape from relegation, reckoning that a haul of around 24 points from their remaining matches would see them reach safety. But Lössl fell ill overnight. If that was not an omen, then the fact that his replacement, Ben Hamer, bungled to help Alex Iwobi open the scoring in the 16th minute did not augur well for Huddersfield.Even before that Arsenal had threatened to score, looking dangerous every time they ventured forward. Terence Kongolo thwarted Alexandre Lacazette with a last-gasp tackle in the eighth minute and two minutes later Iwobi blasted into the side-netting after being teed up by Ainsley Maitland-Niles, who regularly made inroads from right wing-back.There was no reprieve when Arsenal caught Huddersfield out with a quick free-kick on halfway, Sead Kolasinac, the other wing-back, sent scurrying down the left before flighting a cross to the far post. Iwobi met it with a weak volley from 10 yards but the ball found its way into the net as Hamer reacted too slowly to a deflection off Kongolo. 19 Leno Twitter 8 Billing 22 Suarez (s 76′) The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Henrikh Mkhitaryan, returning to action after seven weeks, looked sharp. He could have finished an attack he led in the 39th minute but was denied by Hamer, who saved his shot from 12 yards. No matter, Arsenal increased their lead five minutes later, Mkhitaryan again feeding the overlapping Maitland-Niles, whose low cross presented the unmarked Lacazette with an easy close-range finish. Share on LinkedIn Mohamed Salah and Liverpool sweep aside Bournemouth to reclaim top spot Corners 15 Maitland-Niles Possession Huddersfield 27 Stankovic Goal attempts 10 Huddersfield Off target 5 Arsenal 6 Huddersfield On target 4 Arsenal 26 Schindler 10 Mooy Read more Substitutes 13 Coleman (s 56′) Arsenal Huddersfield responded well, Jonathan Hogg, Aaron Mooy and Juninho Bacuna regularly getting the better of Mattéo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira in midfield. The hosts could have been awarded a penalty in the 25th minute when a corner was only half-cleared and Jason Puncheon’s shot from 20 yards was blocked by Laurent Koscielny’s right hand. The referee put his whistle to his mouth but did not blow. 20 Depoitre (s 88′) 9 Kachunga 18 Monreal ARS46HUD54% 11 Diakhaby 7 Bacuna 6 Hogg Arsenal 2 Smith (s 83′) 37 Durm 16 12 16 Ahearne-Grant 11 Torreira Arsenal’s travel sickness is one reason they trail in the race for the top four so their manager, Unai Emery, took heart from their first away win in the league since November. But his agitation throughout this game showed he knows his team’s problems have not been cured, even if he declared afterwards that he was proud of his players’ work rate.They worked, alright, but did not show much class or solidity. This performance was good enough to edge past the Premier League’s bottom side, but Arsenal still looked vulnerable for long periods and the goal they conceded in stoppage time means they have yet to keep an away clean sheet in the league this season. It was Huddersfield’s first goal in six matches and they deserved it.“This victory is very important and gives us confidence in our target of reaching the top four,” said Emery. “After 26 matches we are one point behind Manchester United. The top four is our target. It will be difficult but our motivation is very great.”center_img Share on Facebook 20 Mustafi 12 Lichtsteiner Share on Pinterest ARS HUD Reuse this content (s 59′) 49 Nketiah 6 Koscielny Share on Messenger 31 Kolasinac Match stats Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp 7 Mkhitaryan (s 66′) 17 Iwobi Now Huddersfield needed to score twice, a feat they have managed once in the league this season. Emery started to look more relaxed but still felt the need to replace Torreira with Mohamed Elneny in an attempt to gain more control in central midfield. It did not really work and Arsenal’s three central defenders came under regular pressure.Arsenal still carried menace on the counterattack. Mkhitaryan set up Iwobi in the 70th minute, but the midfielder lacked ruthlessness and Hamer was able to save. Two minutes later, Bernd Leno made a meal of stopping a low drive from 18 yards by Adama Diakhaby. No Huddersfield player was on hand to punish the Arsenal keeper when he spilled it.Huddersfield never gave up. Laurent Depoitre went close and Nacho Monreal cleared a Karlan Grant effort off the line.Diakhaby finally broke through in the dying moments, clipping over Leno after being put through by Mooy. Monreal and Kolasinac tried to keep the ball out but could only help it over the line. 1 Cech Pinterest Premier League The Observer Ben Hamer is unable to keep out Alex Iwobi’s shot. Photograph: Andrew Yates/Reuters Substitutes Topics 21 Pritchard Huddersfield Pogba drives Manchester United into top four as Fulham fans rail at Ranieri 46 54 12 Hamer Fouls 42 Puncheon 5 0 match reports 9 Lacazette 27 Mavropanos Share via Email 29 Guendouzi Read more 4 Elneny 5 Kongolo Facebook last_img read more