CTran office houses odd assortment of items left on buses

first_imgCall 360-695-0123.When the PR guy for C-Tran freely admits that something to do with his agency is “sad and bizarre” — it has to be truly weird.Not surprising, then, that spokesman Scott Patterson was referring to a baby octopus in a pickle jar … or, one of the most strange things drivers handed over to C-Tran’s lost and found at the end of a route.While many folks have the luxury of leaving their odd personal items in their back seats, those riding Clark County buses risk leaving their oddball cargo in a very public place.Among the other greatest hits left on C-Tran buses? A full-size mannequin; teeth; a drum found just after the Paddy Hough Parade; and a giant walking stick with bright paint, stickers and a skull head on top.On a recent trip to C-Tran’s headquarters, where they store lost items behind a padlocked fence, the collection included: umbrellas, a few strollers, a cane, six bikes — and a large bird cage, complete with an inflated latex glove attached to the perch.last_img read more