first_img Previous Article Next Article TraumatisedOn 21 Oct 2003 in Personnel Today Public figures have recently appeared more visibly crestfallen than everbefore, as this selection of before and after photos demonstrates.  Could they be stressed?The Hamiltons Before – Former MP and his wife who became accomplished publicityseekers after losing the Tatton seat to Martin Bell. After – Seeing Christine Hamilton overwrought with emotion is nothingnew for most of us (libel action against Mohammed Al Fayed, and the Who Wantsto be a Millionaire appearance), but allegations of sexual assault made againstthem by Nadine Milroy-Sloane sent their anxiety levels soaring. The couple werelater cleared, but Christine Hamilton claimed she was “terrified” andbecame so overwrought she had to see a police doctor. The incident didn’t,however, curtail her descriptive powers: the accusations, she said, were:”nonsense on stilts”, and if charges were brought “then I’m abanana”. Shohei Nozawa Before – Venerable president of Yamaichi Securities Co – one of Japan’stop-tier companies. After – In a country that has a vaunted work ethic, corporate failureis the ultimate badge of shame and the collapse of leading brokerage Yamaichiin 1997 was to have a harrowing effect on Nozawa. Asked at a news conferencehow he would explain the failure to his employees, he broke down and sobbed.Although it was a spectacle to be repeated several more times as Asia endured acrippling economic slump, Nozawa’s tearful apology remains an enduring image ofthose difficult times. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (AKA Comical Ali) Before – Iraq’s Information Minister and robust defender of SaddamHussein’s Baath Party. After – Displayed classic trauma-related symptoms of denial in fullglare of the world’s media as each wartime briefing became more implausiblethan the last.Al-Sahaf even went so far as “triple guaranteeing” hispeople there were no US soldiers in Bagdad on the day US tanks rolled into thecity. His refusal to accept reality made George Bush roar with laughter. Whenhe finally conceded and gave himself up, his self-image couldn’t have beenlower – except that is, when US troops released him soon afterwards. Cherie Blair Before – Barrister, charity worker, Prime Minister’s wife, mother offour and accomplished juggler. After – In an ironic twist, Peter Foster, the fraudster boyfriend ofCherie Blair’s lifestyle guru and (principle stress reliever) Carole Caplin,plunged her into a hail of controversy after revealing how he helped her buytwo flats in Bristol. Initially, she attempted to conceal her involvement withthe fraudster but later accepted blame and used an awards ceremony to tearfullydefend her actions. She said she had tried to adapt to the pressures of herpublic role and juggle a lot of balls but “sometimes some of the balls getdropped”. Tony Blair Before – Principle transformer of the Labour party and New LabourPrime Minster who swept to power with landslide victory in 1997, then wonhistoric second term. After – When the news broke of the death of weapons expert Dr Kelly,Blair’s ashen pallor and gaunt features told its own story. His apparentphysical distress was further compounded when a Daily Mail journalist asked ifhe had blood on his hands. Although his future lay in doubt, the remarkablyresilient PM has since acquitted himself well at the Hutton inquiry, but hisstock has fallen considerably since he swept to power and could still pay theultimate political price for going to war with Iraq. Glenn Roeder Before – Agreed a three-year contract to manage West Ham last yearand steers the club to a respectable seventh place in the Premiership. After – Football is notorious for its swift termination of poorperforming managers and his team’s relegation battle in the Premiership lastseason (2002-03) made Roeder an ideal candidate for a stress-related illness.So when he collapsed after a game in April, there was no doubt in anyone’s mindthat that it was due to a minor stroke caused by stress. It was actually abrain tumour and fully recovered and back on the touchline, Roeder was keen topoint out that he hadn’t been stressed. His protestations were academic – threematches into the new season, he was sacked. Andy Gilchrist Before – Andy Gilchrist became general secretary of the Fire BrigadesUnion in June 2000 and experienced 15 months of fame last year when he demandedfirefighters receive a 40 per cent wage increase. After – Gilchrist refused to budge at a time when most settlementsran at 3 per cent, and war threatened over Iraq. He faced an increasingly vitriolicpublic as aged Green Goddesses were hauled from retirement to replace strikingfiremen and their idle vehicles. As he ratcheted up the arguments withGovernment, he turned public opinion against one of Britain’s most admiredworkforces. His demeanour turned sour, and he exuded classic stress symptoms –including visible signs of ageing. Finally accepted deal far short of originaldemands. Estelle Morris Before – Three rewarding years as minister for school standardsbefore promotion to secretary of state for education After – By her admission, education secretary was a job too far, butit was her integrity and personal standards of achievement that weighed heavilyand drove Morris to resign. Politicians of lesser ability have ridden biggerstorms, fuelled by ego, ambition, arrogance and a willingness to pass the buck,but for Morris, the feeling she had failed and let people down offered no roadback. Her impressively frank interview with the BBC, where she disclosed shehadn’t enjoyed the job as much as minister for school standards, no doubt mademany stress-worn chief executives wonder why they go on. Rod Eddington Before – The Australian businessman joined British Airways as chiefexecutive in May 2000. He already had a reputation as a tough operator and acame with a brief to continue the cost cutting of his predecessor Bob Ayling. After – A catalogue of disasters since September 11, with uncertaintyover the Iraq war, the SARS epidemic and then wildcat strikes over swipe cardsall had a catastrophic effect, costing the airline millions. The media and thepublic had Eddington on the ropes and questioned his capability. The chaos atHeathrow exposed poor staff morale and the fragility of BA’s businessprocesses. The airline and Eddington are still licking their wounds. Matthew KellyBefore – Presenter of entertainment show, Stars in Their Eyes,well-known for his bonhomie. After – Arrested and questioned about alleged child sex abuse, themarried father-of-two found himself centre stage of a media feeding frenzy. Helost his job, his weight plum-meted and said his life had changed irrevocably.He dealt with the stress by throwing him-self into work. He was cleared and hassince won back his job. Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Work Musing | Musings on the world of work

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Andrew Chung plans massive industrial project in Long Island City

first_imgTagsIndustrial Real EstateInnovo Property Grouplong island city Share via Shortlink Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlinkcenter_img Innovo Property Group’s Andrew Chung and the LIC property (IPC)Long Island City may have lost out on Amazon’s corporate campus, but the area is quickly becoming New York’s unofficial package headquarters.Andrew Chung’s Innovo Property Group plans to build an 842,175-square-foot, five-story warehouse at 23-30 Borden Avenue in Long Island City. The last-mile distribution facility will have three stories of industrial space and two stories of studio and accessory space, according to plans filed with the Department of Buildings.Innovo partnered with Atalaya Capital Management and Hong Kong-based Nan Fung Group to buy the property about two years ago for $75 million from Atlas Capital Group.In a sign of strength for the industrial market, the property sold for 56 percent more than its 2016 sale price.ADVERTISEMENTThe site was previously home to a warehouse for FreshDirect. The online grocer completed a lengthy and controversial move of its headquarters from Long Island City to the South Bronx in 2018.Innovo’s project will sit at the entrance of the Midtown Tunnel and is close to Williamsburg. It is expected to be completed in 2022, according to NanFung Group’s website, pending zoning approval.Innovo has become one of New York’s most active warehouse buyers. In April, the firm scored $305 million in construction financing for a 1 million-square-foot industrial development in the Bronx. The firm purchased the site in 2017 from Extell Development.In September 2019, the company reached a $430 million agreement in September to buy out Westbrook Partners’ majority stake warehouse at 24-02 49th Avenue in Queens. It marked the largest deal in Queens in about a year. last_img read more

Glacier problems in South Georgia

first_imgThis paper is a synopsis of Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey Scientific Report No. 29. Glaciological and climatic investigations carried out in South Georgia during the International Geophysical Year are described. The budgets of the Hodges and Hamberg Glaciers for 1957–58 are given and discussed in relation to climatic factors. Temperature measurements indicate that the Hodges Glacier, and probably all ice in South Georgia below an altitude of 1,000 m., is geophysically temperate. The fluctuations of South Georgian glaciers during relatively recent times are briefly discussed.last_img read more

Industry warns hard line on EU immigration will cause ‘distress’ for renters, landlords and agents

first_imgThe property industry has warned Home Secretary Priti Patel that her proposed plans to close the borders to EU citizens and end their right to free movement into and out of the UK will cause ‘unnecessary distress and uncertainty’ for tenants, landlords and letting agents dealing with Right to Rent.Comments from ARLA Propertymark reflect the chaos that such a decision would have on those dealing with the Right to Rent rules, which currently do not require EU citizens to prove they have permission to live in the UK.Yesterday it was reported that Patel (pictured, left) wants to impose restrictions on EU citizens immediately after a hard Brexit on 31st October, shifting the position from that of her predecessor, Sajid Javid.It is reported that she will sideline parliament by introducing the measure through secondary legislation, rather than through the planned Immigration and Social Security Co-Ordination Bill.Right to Rent“As recently as April, [the] government committed to continuing with current arrangements around Right to Rent for EU citizens,” says David Cox, Chief Executive of ARLA (right).“Planned transition is vital in order to allow practical Brexit arrangements for housing and it is essential that sufficient time is allowed for moving to any new system.“To move the goalposts at this stage will cause unnecessary distress and uncertainty to all those affected. Tenants, landlords and agents must not be left in limbo, arrangements must be clear and transparent for all parties.”Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrats home affairs spokesperson, highlighted the problems that Patel’s plans would create.“What would this mean for EU citizens who have made their home in the UK, and who have travelled abroad, when they try to return,” he told The Independent.“Are the government seriously suggesting an NHS nurse who is an EU national may not be allowed to return to the country if they happen to have been on holiday? It is absurd.”  Ed davey priti patel Right to Rent ARLA Propertymark David Cox August 20, 2019Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » Industry warns hard line on EU immigration will cause ‘distress’ for renters, landlords and agents previous nextRegulation & LawIndustry warns hard line on EU immigration will cause ‘distress’ for renters, landlords and agentsARLA says a planned transition following Brexit was the agreed path with government, not Priti Patel’s proposed sudden hard border on 31st October.Nigel Lewis20th August 20190648 Viewslast_img read more

Two things tend to be overlooked in the wrangle over the…

first_imgDear Editor:First, when taxes are doubled, tripled and quadrupled, in the absence of a presidential declaration of a national emergency, it is indicative of a failure of government at all levels, including the municipal. Let’s look back at how the municipal government contributed to the fix we’re in. During the past 20 years, real-estate entrepreneurs have come to Jersey City seeking to build things. They’ve made generous campaign contributions and by and large have been allowed to do whatever they wanted.They’ve also been excused from paying taxes for a considerable length of time on the properties that have been (and are being) constructed. Meanwhile, municipal office-holders have turned around and told us how wonderful all this “development” is. “It will increase your property values,” they said. Downtown Jersey City is now chock full of 30-story campaign contributions, and property values have increased to the point that half the electorate has to live somewhere else. Many thanks, municipal government…Second, we all understand that if a serious terrorist incident had occurred here two weeks ago, the real-estate market would substantially change. The metro area would lose its cachet. Large numbers of people would be looking to sell their homes at the same time, thereby creating a buyer’s market. An increase in supply relative to demand depresses prices. The individual seller would not likely reap the full value of the property being sold. Similarly, if there had been a natural disaster— hurricane, flooding, earthquake, tsunami—again, the market would have been altered. Numerous homes would be up for sale, and a buyer’s market would ensue. The appraisers who conducted the re-evaluation failed to consider the economic impact of their own process. The evaluation has itself changed the market. Huge numbers of property owners are being forced to sell simultaneously. A buyer’s market is in the cards—the result being that the individual seller is unlikely to obtain anything close to the value the appraisers have projected. In this way, the re-evaluation process has managed to invalidate itself.Which is reason enough to SCRAP IT and start over with a team of appraisers who have a more mature understanding of the impact of their own actions on the market they analyze. The process might incorporate a few guidelines such as capping maximum tax increases at 25%. That would prevent a buyer’s market from being created. Actually, there are thousands of reasons for scrapping the current re-evaluation and starting over. I refer to the multitude of property owners who had no intention of selling, but find themselves unable to meet stratospheric tax obligations, and the countless tenants facing steep rent increases who had no previous desire to move. S. Bartlast_img read more

Counter culture

Yorkshire-based Clarks Bakery has given its traditional shop an ultra-modern makeover to showcase its wide product range.The shop refit, at its Victorian-era premises in the market town of Easingwold, near York, has already generated a big sales boost, particularly as a result of its new display counter.The contents of the hot carvery section – giant joints of roast beef and pork each weighing around 17lb and cooked on site – have proven an especially big draw for customers as well as a major contributor to the 8% rise in sales since the refit of the retail craft bakery and coffee shop.”They’re just going crazy for it,” says Nick Clark, fourth generation co-owner of the family business with his sister Hilary.Slices of the hot meat joints are served mainly on rolls, with customers able to select from four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. On most days, customers eat their way through two huge joints of roast beef and one of pork.Also on display are pies, quiches, fruit pies, dairy products, fresh cream cakes, traditional Yorkshire cakes, fancy cakes, currant squares, date squares, scones, cookies, hot pies, and a large assortment of refrigerated sandwich fillings.Clarks used professional shopfitters Dollar Rae to help modernise the shop and, during the eight-month project, it worked to update everything, including the lighting, wall coverings, flooring, counter, refrigeration, tables and chairs.reputation for high standardsClark says Dollar Rae has an excellent reputation and, after a preliminary consultation, Clarks made the decision that it wanted what the company had to offer. “I’ve known about it through leaflets and brochures and heard about its reputation for high standards of interior design, shopfitting and food presentation,” he says. “I think the quality and presentation here are second to none.”He decided the refit was needed in order to update and refresh the shop and to reinforce its standing in the area as the quality baker and confectioner. “The shop has never had any attention and has not been changed for a number of years. It was looking very tired and in need of a refit,” he says. “We were looking to the future and decided to invest in our shop.”all-in-one panoramic counterClark admits that it was tough to continue trading while the work was being carried out, but adds that it was a very professional job.The disjointed feel created by the old individual counters in the shop was abandoned in favour of the installation of a single, 5m-long counter from Dollar Rae’s own Panoramic range. It incorporates chilled, hot and ambient displays, and is really the centrepiece of the overall design. The traditional-style counter includes three different sections: ambient, gastronorm and hot.The revamp also introduced a new wall gantry display, new cream patterned tile flooring and specialist lighting, a free-standing light oak corner unit that surrounds a refrigerated drinks cabinet and also displays packets of crisps and baked goods, and an expansion of the coffee shop, which is equipped with five tables and chairs.Clark admits that although the original budget was £60,000, the actual spend went up to £83,000. However, he’s evidently not worried as sales have increased significantly since the refit, he reports. It’s worked so well that Clarks plans to look at refitting its other outlets in the near future.”The Dollar Rae equipment makes your stuff look a million dollars,” says Clark. “I’m really chuffed with the way things are going. Sales of our bread, for which we are well known, are strong but pretty constant. Our hot carvery, sandwich, takeaway and hot pies trade is booming. The meats look really good in the new counter with the lighting. Customers’ jaws are dropping.” n—-=== Clarks’ history ===Clarks has been in Easingwold since 1925, first as a bakery then expanding to a café and tea shop. Nick Clark’s great-grandmother started off selling scones through a window to road repairmen. The 17th-century building she lived in is now the central bakery. She ran the business on her own, passing it down to the next generation. The grandfather went out on a bike and sold insurance to make ends meet. Nick Clark’s father Gerald expanded the business. Nick, 36, trained at Thomas Danby College and took over the family firm five years ago, after working for his father from a young age. His sister joined the business 10 years ago.After eight decades, Clarks’ business and marketing approach has changed to being a takeaway specialist as well as a master baker. Clark says that when he joined the business, he decided to start from the bakery. “The recipes were just on bits of paper all over the shop. I’ve gone through the whole lot, put systems in place and got everything working properly.”Vital statisticsBrand: ClarksNumber of outlets: Two shops with two cafés and a substantial wholesale businessHead office: Easingwold, 13 miles north of YorkAnnual turnover: £600,000Customer profile: A wide range of peopleBest sellers: Hot beef and hot pork sandwiches, a variety of confectionery items and various breadsCompetitorsLimited competition. Main rival: Thomas the Bakers read more

News story: Typhoons launch with new missile

first_imgRAF Typhoons launched from RAF Lossiemouth this morning for the first time with the Meteor Air-to-Air missile in defence of UK airspace during a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) mission.This event represents the culmination of many years of research, development and testing to bring this advanced weapon into service on front-line aircraft.RAF Typhoons maintain a constant state of readiness to defend the sovereignty of British skies. The introduction of Meteor brings a new and innovative long-range capability and further enhances Typhoon’s already potent arsenal. This year they have been scrambled for a variety of incidents including intercepting Russian bombers approaching UK airspace.Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier said: RAF Typhoon equipped with Meteor missiles takes off from RAF Lossiemouth. Crown copyrightThe missile system is a worthy investment as it can fly in any weather condition, perform against all current and known future threats; including combat aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles/missiles and will eventually operate from the F-35 Lightning aircraft. Crucially, the Meteor and launch aircraft will be networked by a datalink ensuring highly accurate and intelligent air strikes.The pilot flying the first Meteor equipped Typhoon said: This latest missile system demonstrates the next chapter of the Typhoon which will see the jet evolve its ability to target and destroy any airborne threat at great distances. The Meteor missile will provide an unrelenting deterrence to those who wish harm upon the UK and our Armed Forces. Meteor is a state of the art complex weapon developed by a six nation European partnership led by the UK. It is built and manufactured by MBDA in Stevenage and has created 430 jobs across the country.The RAF will continue to develop the missile through life, in-step with our International Defence and Industrial partners, supporting the UK Aerospace Industry, while maintaining the UK’s sovereign ‘capability edge’.center_img RAF Quick Reaction Alert Typhoon fighters are now armed with the most advanced Air to Air missile in the world, the MBDA developed ramjet powered Meteor. Another huge leap forward in capability for the Typhoon Force, which is proud to continue defending the UK and our allies, 24/7. The RAF’s prized Typhoon Force is unquestionably now the cornerstone of British and NATO military power. It has proved itself in combat roles over Libya, Iraq and Syria, protecting UK skies and overseas territories, and providing critical support to our NATO Allies in Eastern Europe. The responsibility of flying such a capable platform, armed with this formidable weapon is immense, but the options this gives us in responding to an emergency situation cannot be understated.last_img read more

Growth, size of babies worldwide remarkably similar

first_imgAna Langer, director of the Women and Health Initiative and Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) at Harvard School of Public Health, says that new findings from an international study on fetal growth and birth length debunk longstanding beliefs that variations among fetal and infant sizes have something to do with genetics, race, or ethnicity.The consortium that produced this study — the International Fetal and Newborn Growth Consortium for the 21st Century (INTERGROWTH-21st) — calls the new findings “landmark” on its website. Why is it so important to show that babies everywhere are born at roughly the same size?Until now there has been no body of evidence that provided an answer to the question of whether fetal and infant growth was determined by maternal health and nutrition, genetics, race, or ethnicity. With this new study, the idea that some ethnicities and races may be genetically pre-determined to be smaller than others — which may have originated from current disparities in growth and size between and within countries — has been shown to be unfounded and untrue. Instead, the study found that fetal growth and birth length are incredibly similar around the world when babies are born to well-nourished, well-educated mothers. The new findings have, in short, provided us with a globally relevant understanding of what “normal” fetal and newborn growth is. Read Full Storylast_img read more