The deciding factor

first_imgThe deciding factorOn 1 Feb 2002 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article How can you successfully sway a decision after it has been made?  Clifford J Ehrlich advises on this, and howto assess a potential bossQ: “I know the best way to influence a decision is to be there whenit is being made, but sometimes conflicts and deadlines don’t allow it. Itseems that once people have made a decision, or are well advanced in thedecision-making process, they are reluctant to consider another perspective.How can I influence the outcome at that point?” A: Everyone in a job with a significant advice-giving component, suchas HR, understands the value of entering a discussion when the participants areopen-minded and the flow of ideas is strongest. Unfortunately, businessexecutives usually have more things to do than time allows. Their need to moveahead quickly causes them to resist backtracking or rethinking a decision. However, we have found that our lack of success in persuading people toreconsider a decision often results from the approach we use. We introduceinformation we believe may have been overlooked or given too little weight, andexplain its merits. The decision-maker defends the decision and we quickly findourselves in a debate. Since the decision-maker holds a different position, guesswho wins? An effective alternative is to shift the discussion from debate to inquiry.Inquiry prevents participants from being stranded at separate ends of adiscussion and creates alignment. Rather than telling your colleague what iswrong with their decision, ask: “How does this bring you closer to yourbusiness objectives? What opportunities does it make possible that would nothave been under the alternatives that were considered? What tipped the scale inyour thinking? What was it about the other options you didn’t like?” Ask the questions in a tone that says, “I want to understand”,rather than, “You’ve made a mistake and I want to change your mind”. This approach worked for me when one of our divisions was planning anacquisition. I knew, as did the head of that division, that we didn’t have muchin the way of executive talent capable of running that new business. But he hadmade considerable progress in the acquisition process when I learned about it.I went to see him and told him I wanted to get his thinking on the move. Hewalked me through the numbers – market share, return on investment and so on –making a compelling case for the acquisition. And then I asked: “Who is going to run it?” It stopped him dead inhis tracks. We really didn’t have anyone suitable and neither did the companywe were about to acquire. The wonderful numbers I had seen wouldn’t materialisewithout the right team. He didn’t have that team, and so didn’t proceed withthe acquisition. Inquiry is also useful in a situation where a manager is about to make apromotion or hire from outside the company, and your assessment is that itwon’t be a suitable appointment. Questions directed at the candidate’sexperience or ability to handle the crucial aspects of the job give the managerthe opportunity to rethink the decision before it is final. Whether or not your approach changes the outcome, you will have raisedissues that shouldn’t be overlooked and have helped sharpen the manager’sfocus. Remember in all of these situations that the people you are counselling wantto make the right decision. Your job is to approach them in a way thatfacilitates that result. Q: “My last two bosses were micro-managers who made me miserable. Iam moving to a new job as a benefits manager and want to make sure my next bosswill help me grow and develop in my role. What traits should I look for?” A: I, too, have been through the agony of accepting a job that wasterrific, only to discover the person I worked for drained me of enthusiasm andself-confidence. After that experience, I determined it is best to work forpeople who: – Are accessible. They are there when you need them – Are willing to teach you and help you think, and are committed to yourprofessional growth. They can challenge and guide you – Are willing to share information, insights and perspectives – Give credit to others. They share praise; they don’t hog it – Know that work is only part of living a full life To assess a potential boss, utilise the interview process. Ask, what was thelast big decision made in benefits? What role did you play? What role did theperson in the job I’m going into play? Listen carefully to discern how the bosssees himself or herself and subordinates as players in implementing decisions. By all means, if it is possible, contact the boss’s former employees and askfor their appraisals. It is the best way to gauge if you and the boss will becompatible. And it is an excellent way for you to learn what traits to exhibitwhen you are the boss. Clifford J Ehrlich is a principal of the Cabot AdvisoryGroup (, a US-based company of veteran senior HR executivesfrom global organisations. Cabot principals have direct experience designingand implementing creative, practical solutions to today’s leading HRchallenges. Ehrlich is the former senior vice-president of HR at MarriottInternational where he was responsible for 195,000 employees. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

BYU’s Austin Hoyt Accepts Invitation To East-West Shrine Game

first_imgNovember 27, 2018 /Sports News – Local BYU’s Austin Hoyt Accepts Invitation To East-West Shrine Game Brad James Tags: Austin Hoyt/Brett Favre/BYU Football/East-West Shrine Game/Ione California/John Elway/Shriners Children Hospital/Tom Brady FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPROVO, Utah-Tuesday, BYU senior offensive lineman Austin Hoyt accepted an invitation to play in the 94th East-West Shrine Game January 19 at Tropicana Field of St. Petersburg, Fla.This will be a 1:00 pm MST broadcast on the NFL Network.The reliable Hoyt has started each game the past two seasons for the Cougars, having netted 30 starts in that span while playing in 50 games overall during his collegiate career.The 6-8 315-pound native of Ione, Calif. has served the Cougars as both a tackle and a guard.He has primarily played right tackle for the Cougars during his career.Hoyt is a 2018 team captain and has been instrumental in this season’s squad averaging 230 rushing yards on the ground over the course of the last three games.Hoyt will be representing the West team during this annual All-Star game, which has seen such stars as John Elway, Tom Brady and Brett Favre play in it through the years.All the players in this game will come together in support of Shriners Hospital for Children while also bolstering their credentials before the gaze of NFL scouts and team personnel. Written bylast_img read more

Peak growth a thing of the past for US shale oil as coronavirus reshapes outlook

first_imgPresidential election adds further uncertainty to US shale oil outlookThe upcoming presidential election in November adds further uncertainty to the outlook for US shale.President Trump has made “energy dominance” a central focus of his administration, which has reversed several Obama-era regulations placed on the oil and gas industry, including permitting restrictions and controls on methane-emissions standards.Re-election and four more years under his stewardship might signal an extension of this friendly policy environment, while a win for Democratic rival Joe Biden would likely see a stronger focus on climate issues and clean energy.“With change comes a new reality that tight oil projects will likely be susceptible to delays, take longer to execute, and cost more,” say Hittle and Htein. “Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) pressure will be far more consequential for tight oil’s future than it was for its past.” Wave of consolidations likelyThe US Energy Information Administration (EIA) says tight oil production has now started to rebound from the difficult second quarter – as well as further disruptions caused by Hurricane Laura last month – as wells are brought back online.Still, overall domestic oil production this year is expected to be around 800,000 bpd lower than in 2019 at 11.4 million bpd. For 2021, the decline is expected to deepen to 11.1 million bpd – more than one million bpd lower than the 2019 peak.Wood Mackenzie expects consolidation to become a hallmark of the US shale patch over the coming years. “There are simply too many producers operating at too high a cost,” it explains.“Deals will be done to shore up cash flow in the near term and ensure resilience in a low-price environment long term. Those that remain will benefit from lower fixed costs, operational efficiencies and economies of scale.“High-quality, low-cost assets will fall into the hands of capital-efficient operators with strong balance sheets and lower cost of capital.”Chevron’s recent acquisition of Noble Energy could be a sign of things to come, and Wood Mackenzie says it “would not be surprised” to see two large independents merge within the next six months. Peak growth of US shale oil now ‘firmly behind us’But the spread of Covid-19 has stalled that development – with global lockdowns severely cutting fuel demand and commodity prices dropping to unsustainable levels.Finances have been squeezed and operations disrupted, while many wells have been shut in as part of efforts to reduce the global oversupply that has put so much negative pressure on oil prices over the past six months.As a result, research firm Wood Mackenzie estimates that, after consecutive year-on-year production decline in 2020 and 2021, output across the Lower 48 will be almost two million bpd lower than previously forecast for the next five years, with peak production later in the decade expected to be 600,000 bpd below previous forecasts.“From 2022, the cuts to our US supply outlook and slowing rate of growth mean a growing reliance on Opec capacity to meet demand through this decade,” says a Wood Mackenzie report, authored by upstream analysts Ann-Louise Hittle and Linda Htein.“Unlike the oil-price downturn of 2014-2016, there is far less room for the sector to make sweeping improvements in well performance and operational efficiency. Companies that survive the unfolding shakeup will need to rebuild trust with investors. Even if they do, higher prices will not mean unbridled growth, making tight oil a less elastic source of supply.“Peak production may not be behind us, but we firmly believe that peak growth is.” After several boom years for tight oil in the US, Covid-19 has revised industry expectations – with a new analysis estimating a big drop off in production growth in the coming yearscenter_img The EIA expects consecutive years of US oil production decline in 2020 and 2021 The coronavirus pandemic has “profoundly changed” the outlook for the US shale oil industry, after several champagne years of rapid growth.Over the past decade, tight oil production tripled across the Lower 48 region – which refers to US states excluding Alaska and Hawaii – driven by the shale fracking revolution and innovative oilfield technologies that have allowed producers access to new, unconventional shale resources.The US shale boom propelled the country to become the world’s biggest oil producer, with overall output volumes averaging 12.2 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2019 – tight oil accounted for around 63% of that figure. Bankruptcies on the rise, capital harder to secureThe impact of coronavirus on the US shale patch is already clear to see. In the year to date, 32 exploration and production (E&P) firms in North America have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, while a further 25 applications have been made by oilfield services companies, according to data from law firm Haynes & Boone.With the key US oil benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) currently trading at below $40 per barrel, and not expected to make gains towards $50 per barrel – a level considered more economically sustainable for the sector – until the end of 2021, more bankruptcies are expected to follow.Without a significant upturn, analysis firm Rystad Energy estimates a further 29 Chapter 11 filings across the North American sector before the end of this year – and almost 190 more by the end of 2022, reflecting an estimated debt level of around $168bn.(Credit: Rystad Energy)The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently identified US shale as the hardest to be hit by a decline in capital investment across the energy industry, with spending in the sector expected to halve this year as a result of the pandemic.As capital proves harder to secure, companies have also been under pressure to reduce production in the face of a huge global oversupply stemming from low demand.Hittle and Htein say: “In a single quarter of 2020 – Q2 – Lower 48 oil production fell two million bpd (20%), driven largely by shut-ins and curtailments. Drilling and completions activity dropped by more than two-thirds, and these deep cuts will result in at least two consecutive years of decline.“Investment capital is in short supply with US independents financially stretched, and bankruptcies mounting. Operators can no longer afford to waste capital. Investors won’t allow it and prices don’t offer enough margin to absorb mistakes.“Exploration of new Permian zones will remain stalled, so those proven commercial today will have to carry the weight of drilling in the near future.“Inventory exhaustion in core areas and reservoirs is a real problem though. Without risk capital to delineate new reservoirs, there’s little chance of expanding the core. Future wells will be less productive.”last_img read more

Restaurant Review: Door74

first_imgWhen you are a drug smuggler, looking inconspicuous is a blessing; when you are a restaurant, it is not. Why is it that I have lived in East Oxford since the start of the year, and have only just acknowledged the existence of Door 74? The answer is probably a combination of its darkly painted exterior, modest size, and the fact that I didn’t expect to find a restaurant serving food of this kind, this good, at this price on Cowley Road. However, now Door 74 is firmly on my radar, I’m not letting it escape.The restaurant itself is a relatively small space, so I was concerned about the degree of privacy we would have. Nothing induces self-consciousness more than entering a restaurant in which the noise level peaks at ‘loud whisper’, and the sound of repositioning your wine glass causes other diners to glance over. Luckily, despite our visit being a mid-week dinner, each chunky wooden table was full (mainly of hip young couples and pairs of women), so the atmosphere felt intimate as opposed to oppressive. The lighting is just right: spotlights, fairy lights and candles, and the table cacti, mosaic-topped bar, dark wooden carved ornaments and chalked-out board menu ensure that the interior looks trendy but feels relaxed. My companion, as if formulating a Door 74 tagline, cringingly remarked, ‘This is the kind of place you can come on a date and be sexy!’ And I’m afraid, embarrassing as it is to admit, he is absolutely right.The menu, comprising half a dozen starters (around £4 – £6) and seven mains (£8 – £14), ticks all the main buzz-word boxes; ‘organic’, ‘free range’, and ‘local’ all make strategic appearances, and dishes come and go according to what is in season. The red onion tart tatin with mixed leaves (£5.95) set us off to a good start; the pastry was thin, crisp and herb-flecked. The whole king prawns with chilli, garlic, and parsley (£6.25) were also excellent, and the griddled crostini was a welcome touch. My main, a parmesan and herb-crusted chicken breast served with aioli, salad and garlic roast new potatoes (10.95) was the obvious winner, with the aioli (homemade garlic mayonnaise with the slightest hint of saffron) tying the dish together well. Unfortunately, the beef burger with onion marmalade and chunky salad (£7.95), although perfectly cooked, was served in an overly-charred bun, which we thought was a bit of an oversight. Portions were surprisingly generous, but left just enough room for the dark chocolate semifreddo with vanilla ice-cream (£3.95). Our superhuman waiter Jack was attentive, friendly, and accommodating, despite being the only front of house staff member, and I am convinced his presence added to the laid-back ambience.Door 74 also does weekend brunches from 11-3, plus weekday lunch specials (£5.95 inc. a drink) which they unfortunately don’t advertise. Therefore I am taking it upon myself to spread the word: your radar would be all the more stylish if Door 74 was on it.last_img read more

OCPD Heads to Washington for Inauguration Parade Security

first_imgThirteen members of the Ocean City Police Department will stand guard along the parade route during Donald Trump’s inauguration. By Donald WittkowskiTom Strunk recalled how he stood only a few feet away from Barack Obama as the president strode up Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., during the Inauguration Day Parade in January 2013.One of Jeffrey Doto’s most vivid memories of the parade was when Vice President Joe Biden walked by members of the Ocean City Police Department and acknowledged them with a salute.For Strunk and Doto, both patrolmen with the Ocean City police, it was a monumental day in Washington – one that gave them a close-up view of history in the making. They were part of the massive national police force that helped to protect Obama, Biden and other dignitaries during the parade.Strunk and Doto will again witness a historic event in Washington, this time as a new president, Donald Trump, makes his way up Pennsylvania Avenue on Friday for the grand parade that will mark his inauguration.“Certainly, we can all look back and tell our kids about it,” said Doto, a 16-year police veteran.Doto, Strunk and 11 other members of the Ocean City Police Department left for Washington on Wednesday morning to take on another prestigious assignment: Once again, they will be standing guard and helping with crowd control during the inaugural parade.Officers Jeffrey Doto, left, and Tom Strunk also helped to provide security during President Barack Obama’s inauguration parade in 2013.“At one point, you’re only a couple of feet away from the president of the United States,” said Sgt. Pat Randles, who will supervise the Ocean City police contingent in Washington.Randles and other Ocean City officers were part of the security for Obama’s first inaugural parade in January 2009. Ocean City’s police department was invited back for the 2013 inauguration. Now, it has been called to Washington a third time.Somers Point, Wildwood and Middle Township are among other local police departments in Atlantic and Cape May counties that are sending officers to Washington for Trump’s inauguration.Strunk, a seven-year police veteran, remembers how calm and peaceful it was for Obama’s parade in 2013. He estimated he stood only 15 feet away from Obama.“It was exciting to be that close to the president of the United States,” he said.For Trump’s inauguration, Strunk expects the atmosphere to be tenser, perhaps even hostile, following the nasty and raucous presidential election that divided the country. Protests are planned by Trump opponents.“This time, I think there will be more hostility, in general, from the crowd,” Strunk said. “That’s the general feeling that I got from the media.”Strunk emphasized that police officers “should always have a heightened sense of awareness” when dealing with large crowds, especially when it comes to protecting the president and other high-level members of the U.S. government.Doto characterized the 2013 inauguration as a “great experience.” In recalling Biden’s salute to the Ocean City officers, he noted that Biden’s wife, Jill, has Ocean City connections. When she was growing up, she and her family would make summer beach trips to Ocean City.As exciting as the inaugural parade may be, Doto stressed that he and the other officers can’t be swept up in the hoopla and pageantry while they are on duty.“It’s about protecting the position and the integrity of the president of the United States,” he said.Officers packed their uniforms and other gear into a van for the trip to Washington.To prepare for their parade duties, the officers are scheduled to receive special training Thursday at the Washington National Guard Armory.They are scheduled to report for duty at 4 a.m. on inauguration day and will work between 16 and 18 hours helping out with crowd control and security for the parade route. They will return to Ocean City on Saturday.The Washington Metropolitan Police Department will pay all of the travel, hotel and meal expenses for Ocean City’s officers, as well as their salaries.“We have no out-of-pocket expenses for the event,” Ocean City Police Capt. Jay Prettyman said.With so many of the officers heading to Washington for the parade, there will be some rescheduling of the shifts for the remaining police force to ensure enough manpower to protect Ocean City, Prettyman said.last_img read more

Fresh! naturally organic launch new pie and quiche range

first_imgA new range of pies and quiches are on the menu at fresh! naturally organic. The award winning organic sandwich and salad company has launched ‘Pie In The Sky’ and ‘Quiche Me Quick’ ranges, targeted at the retail, convenience and foodservice markets. The varieties of pies include beef, red wine and mushroom, ratatouille and feta, spicy 5 bean and chorizo and beans. The new quiches available are roast tomato and feta, and an organic quiche lorraine. The new seasonal products will be introduced throughout the year, and are made only from British organic ingredients. They will be available in two sizes – a 285g individual portion and a family size 750g portion. The products have a five day shelf life and are ready for re-heating. They are also suitable for home freezing and packaged in fully compostable packaging. The pies have already been launched through foodservice, are available for retail outlets and will be available through Able and Cole home delivery from 29 May.last_img read more

Danone on target to achieve carbon-neutral status for water brands

first_imgDanone Waters UK has announced that its Evian and Volvic brands will have carbon-neutral status by 2011, forming part of the company’s long-term sustainability project. Since 2000, it has been the aim of Danone to reduce Evian’s environmental impact by 50%. So far a 20% reduction has been achieved, and the remaining 30% is hoped to be achieved thanks to a major Wetlands Protection and Restoration project, which restores ecosystems destroyed in recent years.Evian’s reduced CO2 footprint will be achieved through a continuing sustainable packaging policy, the reduction of fossil energy consumption and an increase in the use of rail and optimised logistics.Volvic’s carbon reduction will also be achieved through a number of factors, including the use of recycled PET for Volvic bottles, lighter-weight packaging and the use of electric trains through the supply chain.”Sustainable development has been at the core of Groupe Danone’s business philosophy and decision-making for over 30 years and is at the heart of the way we work,” commented James Pearson, Danone Waters commercial director.[]last_img read more

In Short

first_imgBelgian into UKBelgian firm Holeki launched in the UK with two distributors this week Bindi and SFD. The firm, which manufactures a range of sweet pies, tarts and cakes, already supplies Gate Gourmet and Aldi in Europe. It has also just launched a new protein dessert, which tastes like cake, but dissolves in the mouth, and is looking to target it at hospitals, for example.Grease in the frameMaple Leaf Bakery entertained consumers with an early morning performance of Grease this week. The firm, which produces bagels under its New York Bakery Co brand, has worked with producers to condense the best bits of the show for a 20-minute show, held on 24 March at the Piccadilly Theatre, London, alongside a bagel breakfast.Lithuanian goodsLithuanian bakery Baltasis Pyragas is looking to supply UK supermarkets, pubs and restaurants with its rye-bread heavy range. At the recent IFE show, the firm launched new bread bowls that can be filled with soups, salads or stews.Fine Lady fights fireFirefighters were called in after a blaze started in a flue at Fine Lady Bakeries’ factory in Banbury, Oxfordshire, but the company reported that nobody was hurt and production had not been affected.Positive fat reportThe International Dairy Federation has welcomed an FAO/WHO report, which found no convincing evidence that total dietary fats had a significant effect on coronary heart disease (CHD) or cancer. The report, Fats and Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition, said energy balance was the critical factor in maintaining a healthy body weight, regardless of the percentage energy of total fat.last_img read more

University Food Services prepares for Commencement

first_imgCommencement weekend is a time of celebration for graduating students and their families, and good food is a must for any gathering of family and friends. Executive Chef Donald Miller said Food Services personnel recognize the important role their work serves in the overall celebration of commencement weekend. “We understand this is very important to the parents and students,” Miller said. “It’s not just about cooking good food. We do everything we can to make the weekend successful and memorable.” Commencement weekend is busier than a typical weekend or even a football weekend, Lisa Wenzel, assistant director for catering and special events, said. Wenzel said commencement weekend requires the most meals of any weekend, though Junior Parents Weekend and the Alumni Reunion Weekend are comparable. Freshman Orientation also requires a significant contribution from Food Services, Miller said. “It’s our biggest challenge of the year … We get to be a big part of the first impression and the last impression for the University,” Miller said. Wenzel said Food Services will serve approximately 30,000 meals at roughly 125 to 150 total commencement events from Friday through Sunday. Campus retail locations, including Legends, Reckers and the Huddle Mart, will be open, and if sales from these locations are included, the total number of meals is expected to reach 40,000, Wenzel said. Miller said preparation for commencement is very similar each year, and changes are primarily based on lessons learned in previous years. “We learn over the years to refine it and work out the bumps in the road,” Miller said. Nevertheless, Miller said the weekend’s success requires long hours and a great deal of coordination. “The weekend has to be well-choreographed, because a lot of work from a lot of people comes together in an organized fashion,” he said. “We try to distribute the workload because it is one of the busiest times of the year, and it takes everything we’ve got to execute this gracefully.” Miller said the menus are prepared and food taste-tested months in advance. Food Services personnel meet a few weeks prior to commencement to review the plans and create cooking schedules and flow charts. Preparation for the large meals occurs over the course of the entire week, Miller said. Beginning Monday, the kitchens prepare different elements of each menu throughout the week. Wenzel said the food is prepared in the kitchens of the Food Services Support Facility, North Dining Hall and South Dining Hall. Miller said this requires coordination between kitchens, but spreads out the work and reduces the amount of food each kitchen has to prepare. Miller said his individual role has changed this year because his daughter is a graduating senior. “I’m more of a guest this year than a chef, though I’ll be back and forth,” Miller said. Wenzel said her role for the weekend is mainly troubleshooting, but she expects to enjoy the weekend due to positive reactions from parents and family members of the graduates. “It’s great because the parents and family are always so happy,” Wenzel said. Approximately 200 students will work with Food Services as catering staff during commencement events, Wenzel said. They are paid for their work hours and receive room and board for the week prior to commencement. Wenzel said Food Services is partnering with the Notre Dame Conference Center to sell tickets for five meals: lunch on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and brunch on Sunday. Miller said the main concern Friday is that each college will be holding a catered event, though the size of each event will vary. Dinner on Saturday night will be the largest of the five ticketed meals of the weekend, Wenzel said, and an 80-foot by 220-foot tent will accommodate overflow seating outside South Dining Hall. The Saturday dinner features the commencement cake, a large cake made up of separate smaller cakes. Each family receives one of the individual cakes, Wenzel said. Wenzel sais there is only a small window for lunch between the University-wide commencement in the morning and the ceremonies of each college Sunday, so Food Services will prepare 3,000 to 4,000 boxed lunches for those who don’t have time for the Dining Hall brunch on Sunday.last_img read more

Venture Beyond the Palace Walls During a Day in the Life with Aladdin’s Courtney Reed

first_img View Comments Courtney Reed VIEW THE PHOTO GALLERYPhotos: Matthew Murphy | Styling: David Withrow | Production Assistant: Evan Zimmerman | Special Thanks to MatchaBar and SoulCycle Bryant Park Star Files Aladdincenter_img from $57.50 It’s Jasmine’s turn to show you the world—and hers is definitely shining, shimmering, splendid! Aladdin’s Courtney Reed gave us a peek into an entire day in the life as Broadway royalty through the lens of contributor Matthew Murphy. One of the best photographers working on the Great White Way, Murphy conceived seven photos with Reed that portray a typical day, from her morning SoulCycle sesh to meeting up with the Gagged Girl Gang all the way to goofing off in the dressing room with co-star Adam Jacobs before half hour. See all of the photos here and let Reed talk you through the glam gallery in our video below. Related Showslast_img read more